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Fashion Paint by NumbersNo, fashion by numbers is not the same thing as painting by numbers.  It is true that you can use a painting by numbers system to make fashion illustrations, but that is not what we are talking about on this page.  The world of fashion relies heavily on visual aspects such as fabric drape, color, and texture.  However, it is important to keep in mind that “numbers” are important as well.  The industry needs to know about dollar amounts, size measurements, markdown percentages, inventory levels, etc.

Here are a few examples:

RN #’s – United States company registration numbers.

CA #’s – Canadian company registration numbers.

Fashion Companies Starting with Numbers

Fashion Terms with Numbers

Retail Math for Fashion Industry  – mathematics has plenty of numeric references.

Registration Numbers (blog post)

Calculators – an assortment of calculators to assist with apparel industry issues.

Size Specs for Clothing – many numbers and measurements involved with creating clothing size spec sheets.

Conversion Charts - do you typically measure in inches or centimeters?  Pounds or Kilos?  The conversion charts can help you convert the numbers.

Fashion Industry Salary Calculators – for people working in the apparel industry this is some of the most important numbers in the entire business.

Number of Cartons Per Container – help with figuring out the number of cartons that can fit into a shipping container.  This is useful for importers and exporters of clothes, shoes, or accessories.

Shipping Container Dimensions – measurements for shipping containers that transport items for the apparel industry.  This may include factories shipping fabric and trimming, or finished garments, etc.

Duty Rates - learn the tariff cost when importing clothes, shoes, or fashion accessories into the United States.  These numbers are important to any importers bottom line profits.

Cotton Pricing - much of the worlds apparel is manufactured with cotton.  Certainly not all the clothing, but a very large portion of production is done with cotton fiber.  The dollar amounts involved with the fibers price is clearly important to the industry.

Shopping Price Comparison - fashionistas find retail prices to be very important numbers.  Consumers can use the price comparison engines to hunt around for the best possible deals from some of their favorite clothing stores.

Fashion Price Points – dollars are measured by number.  And clothing prices effect the fashion price points.

3PL starts with a number and means third party logistics.  The apparel industry often uses 3PL services for warehousing, transportation of product, etc.

Chargebacks - fashion retail chargeback have much to do with math & financial accounting numbers.

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