Flatform Shoe Safety
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What are flatforms?  Equally or more importantly are Flatforms hazardous to your health?

Flatforms are shoes that have a very thick sole which adds height but keeps the feet flat.  The sole is the bottom part underneath the foot.

Are flatforms dangerous?

Potentially, but not necessarily.  Flatforms for the most part lack the discomfort of high heels or steep wedges, but they might also be the most dangerous.  Though the retro-looking cross between a flat shoe and a platform may feel comfortable, their non-flexible elevated form makes walking on uneven surfaces a serious hazard.

In fairness to the flatform, high heel and other sorts of shows also have their dangers.  The flatform is not the only risk in the footwear market.

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Please walk carefully.  Don’t run.

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Always remember, safety comes first.

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