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In the clothing industry, the term "notions" refers to a wide range of small, often decorative, and functional sewing supplies and accessories used in the construction and finishing of garments and textiles. Notions are the various bits and pieces that help bring a garment together and add both aesthetic and practical elements to the finished product. These items include but are not limited to buttons, zippers, snaps, hooks and eyes, ribbons, lace, thread, bias tape, elastic, and trims.

Here on Apparel Search we often reference these items as either "components", "trim" or "trimming" and "notions".

History of the Term "Notions":

The word "notions" in the context of sewing and crafting has a long history, dating back to the 14th century. It originated from the Latin word "notio," meaning "a mental concept" or "idea." Over time, it evolved to encompass the idea of small, miscellaneous items that serve various purposes. The term "notions" was first used to refer to sewing and haberdashery supplies in the 19th century, becoming associated with the various odds and ends needed for sewing projects.

Importance to Clothing Manufacturers:

Notions play a crucial role in the clothing manufacturing process for several reasons:

Functionality: Notions like zippers, buttons, and snaps are essential for creating functional closures in garments. They allow wearers to put on and take off clothing easily and securely.

Aesthetics: Decorative notions such as lace, trims, and ribbons add visual appeal to garments, enhancing their design and style. These elements can transform a basic piece into a unique and attractive creation.

Tailoring and Fit: Notions like elastic, hook and eye closures, and bra sliders are indispensable for achieving a proper fit and comfort in clothing. They allow adjustments to accommodate different body shapes and sizes.

Quality and Durability: Using high-quality notions is essential to ensure the longevity and durability of garments. Well-made zippers and buttons, for example, can withstand repeated use and washing.

Brand Identity: Notions can be a signature feature of a clothing brand. Unique or custom-designed buttons, labels, and trims can help establish brand identity and set garments apart from competitors.

Customization: Notions provide opportunities for customization. Clothing manufacturers can choose from a wide array of buttons, trims, and other details to tailor garments to specific markets or customer preferences.

Sustainability: Sustainable notions, such as recycled buttons or eco-friendly closures, align with the growing demand for environmentally responsible clothing production.

Notions are essential components of the clothing industry, offering functionality, aesthetics, and customization options for clothing manufacturers. By selecting the right notions and paying attention to quality and design, clothing manufacturers can create garments that meet the needs and preferences of consumers while achieving their brand's unique style and identity.

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