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Obviously, we do not know every term in the fashion industry that is relevant to the production of clothing.  However, we do know a few that we thought would be of interest to you.  If you are involved with garment manufacturing, we hope you enjoy reading some of the manufacturing terms we developed.

Colorfastness, Crocking, Bleeding

Cutting Fabric Process

Cutting Room Quality Control

Fabric Defects  

Garment Construction


In-Process Quality Control

Marker Making


Pattern Making Process

Piece Goods Inspection

Pre-Production Submissions

Printed Labels

Production Department

Product Development Process

Quality Assurance

Quality Control Managers  

Ringspun Fabrics

Size Specs



Time & Action Calendars

If you are looking for clothing factories or fashion trim manufacturers, please do not forget to check out our Manufacturers section.  If you do not find enough there, you can also try the apparel manufacturer website that will allow you to search the entire internet.

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If you work for a clothing factory are are involved at all in garment production, you can join us for discussions at the Fashion Industry Network.

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