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"Pre" production means "prior" to production or "before" production...

Have you been requested to submit a pre-production sample?  Also, referenced as a "pre-pro" or "pre-pros".

Pre-production SubmissionsPre-production Samples: After completing the product development process (or some times "during" the product development process), your buyer will most likely require your company to provide pre-production samples.  Pre-production samples are essentially an example of what will be produced during the manufacturing process.  The pre-production samples are garments that are produced in the facility that is planning to manufacture the bulk order.   They should not be made in a sample room nor at another factory that is not schedule to run your actual order.  The pre-pros should be an exact representation of what you intend to ship as final product.  The concept is to present these garment examples to the buyer "before" production.  In summary, the pre-pro is an example of what you will later produce in bulk and ship to your buyer.

Purpose of Pre-production Garment Samples:

The pre-pros are submitted so that the buyers can review an example of what the clothing factory intends to produce.  The buyer must view the pre-pro to determine if all standards have been met by the supplier.  Buyers can check the sewing construction, body measurements, fabric colors, trim colors, trim quality and placement, etc.  The pre production samples must be submitted PRIOR to clothing production so that the buyer has the opportunity to point out to the supplier if any errors or misunderstandings are discovered.  For example, the buyer may notice that the brand label was sewn in the wrong location.  Or possibly the factory accidentally used an entirely incorrect brand label in the garment.  The factory should already understand the buyer requirements.  However, issues are often over looked.  It is very important that the buyer has a sample to review prior to full production.

The primary purpose of the pre-pro submission process is to identify problems as early as possible; so that corrective action can take place before production begins.  Typically, manufacturers are expected to NOT begin production until the pre-production samples are reviewed and approved by the buyers.  Make sure to check with the buyer regarding the number of garments they require and the clothing sizes that are required.

The pre-production submissions should be manufactured as an example of what you intend to produce.  The samples should be made from actual bulk fabric (production run fabric).  On occasion, buyers will allow you to submit pre-pros without all the final trimming such as hangtags and price tickets.  However, the safest method for everyone involved is for the manufacturer to provide pre pros with full trimming so their is no room for mis-understanding.

Note: pre-production sample requirements are not only for clothing and fashion accessories.  Pre-production review can be conducted on fabric, trimming, etc.  For example, before mill move to produce fabric, they should review yarn colors, yarn construction etc.

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