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What are blank t-shirts?

"Fashion blanks" refer to ready-made clothing items, such as t-shirts, hoodies, caps, or other apparel, that are produced without any printing, embroidery, or other embellishments. These garments are created specifically for customization by adding designs, logos, or artwork through printing, embroidery, or other decoration techniques to suit a brand's or individual's preferences.

In the context of blank t-shirts for printing or embroidery, fashion blanks are plain, unadorned t-shirts made from various materials, colors, and styles. They are designed to serve as a canvas for customization, allowing businesses, artists, or individuals to personalize them based on their needs and creative vision. Here are some key points regarding fashion blanks in the context of blank t-shirts:

Quality and Material: Fashion blanks come in a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, blends, and specialty fabrics. The quality of the material is crucial as it affects the comfort, durability, and appearance of the final product.

Colors and Styles: Fashion blanks are available in a wide array of colors and styles, from basic neutrals to vibrant hues. Different styles may include crew neck, V-neck, long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, and more, providing options for various preferences and target audiences.

Sizing: Fashion blanks come in different sizes to accommodate various body types and age groups. This allows for a broader range of customization options to cater to different markets.

Printing and Embroidery Compatibility: Fashion blanks are designed to work well with printing and embroidery techniques. The fabric should have the right density and texture to hold prints and embroidery effectively, ensuring a clean and long-lasting result.

Prepared for Customization: Fashion blanks are typically preshrunk and treated to ensure minimal shrinkage after washing. This preparation is crucial to maintain the integrity of any applied prints or embroidery.

Cost-Effectiveness: Purchasing blank t-shirts in bulk is generally cost-effective, especially when compared to creating custom clothing from scratch. This cost efficiency makes fashion blanks a popular choice for businesses and individuals looking to start a clothing line, promote a brand, or create custom apparel.

Versatility and Creativity: Fashion blanks offer a blank canvas for creativity. Designers and artists can apply various printing techniques like screen printing, heat transfer, sublimation, or embroidery to create unique, personalized garments that align with their vision or brand identity.

In summary, fashion blanks, particularly blank t-shirts, are essential components of the customization industry. They serve as a versatile and cost-effective base for creating personalized apparel through printing, embroidery, or other decoration methods, allowing for endless possibilities in design and style.

Alternative Apparel / Alternative Apparel Wholesale: Alternative has been challenging the concepts of fashion since 1995, when Founder and Designer Greg Alterman set out to create the perfect t-shirt one designed for fashion, made for comfort, and tailored for fit. Since then, Alternative has elevated the tee from casual basic to fashion-forward staple, simultaneously broadening its horizons to include loungewear, accessories, and two new labels: eco-friendly Alternative Earth and chic, sophisticated Alternative Orange Label. They are a lifestyle apparel brand that exists to inspire authenticity and comfort. Their mission is about more than just designing clothes that look and feel great: they want for our unique community of wearers and supporters to feel comfortable in their own skin. True comfort naturally opens the mind, laying the groundwork to inspire others and make a difference with how you live.  Alternative offers a custom program to assist you in creating your unique t-shirt styles. You may only need something simple, like producing one of their existing styles in a new color, or you may need something complex, like designing a completely new piece. Here are a few of the options that they offer with their Custom Apparel Program: Pattern & Development, Cut & Sew, Garment Dye, Custom Colors, Private Labeling, Packing & Shipping, Hang-tagging, Bar-coding, &/or Poly-bagging.

Article.1 launched its collection of in stock blank tee's at the Magic show in January of 2005. Article.1 recognizes the T-shirt's universal appeal and is committed to broadening the scope of your business by providing quality, consistency and trend-setting style. Article.1 offers designers, manufacturers, and apparel brands the perfect T-shirt at the perfect price point. They combine the highest quality fashion blank knit apparel with easy ordering and immediate delivery. Article.1 recognizes the T-shirt's universal appeal and is committed to broadening the scope of your business by providing quality, consistency and trend-setting style. As a completely vertical manufacturer, they have the capabilities, expertise and proven track record to deliver large quantities. Article.1 has worked with many highly respected brands in fashion design, action sports, athletics, outdoor apparel and urban casuals. Article.1 is the designer's resource for fashion blanks. Address: 1303 East Warner Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 Phone: (714) 352-0600 Fax: (714) 966-8316

Blanks Plus: Premium blank apparel distributor based on Los Angeles.  Blanks Plus is a fashion forward, premium blank apparel distributor.  They are a family owned and operated business with more than two decades of experience in the clothing industry.  They design, manufacture, and distribute all of their products at their own facility in Los Angeles.  They believe in the strength of the American economy and they strive to do their part in driving growth and providing more jobs in the community.  They are committed to showing that it is possible to design and create quality products without relying on overseas manufacturing.  In 2011, Blanks Plus launched two premium blank apparel lines.  MOCO and BLUEprint, which they distribute to fashion retailers, screen printers, embroiders, promotional product distributors, and more.  All product on their website is inventoried and available for immediate shipping with no minimums required.  Custom orders are also welcome.  The are able to accommodate custom orders as small as 300 pcs.

Fashion Blanks offers wholesale manufacturing of all types of blank garments for retailers, embroiderers and screen printers. Their products include fashion blanks, children's apparel, infant and toddler apparel, youth sizes, fashion resortwear, fashion sportswear, ladies sportswear, and 100% cotton prepared for dye apparel. They also have accessories such as hats, booties, caps and child size sleeping bags. They offer free private label design on quantities of a dozen or more per size.

FesslerUSA offers a wide variety of Prepared For Dye stock styles in women's contemporary sizes and infants and childrens sizes. Their in-stock apparel is perfect for customers needing quick turn, quality fashion blanks. These garments are ideal for garment dyeing, custom screen printing, embroidering or embellishing.  FesslerUSA has built a reputation as a leading private label knitwear producer because of their commitment to customers who need custom garments in smaller quantities. As a family-owned and operated business since 1900, they have a rich History of meeting the ever-changing needs of their customers.

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