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What is so special about blank t-shirts?  Well, why don't you sit back a minute, and I will try to tell you...
A blank t-shirt is not a t-shirt that says "blank" across the front.  That would actually be an embellished t-shirt.  If a t-shirt did have the word blank, that word would have most likely been printed or embroidered.  Therefore, it would not truly be a blank tee.
The blank shirt that we are discussing in this article is in reference to a solid color t-shirt.  Essentially, a "blank t-shirt" is a t-shirt that has been dyed a solid color and has yet to be embellished in any way.  It is a "blank" shirt with nothing on it...
Blank t-shirts have two entirely different purposes (maybe more, if you consider white t-shirts in the rain).  A solid t-shirt may mean one thing to a "consumer", but will have an entirely different purpose for a graphic designer. 
  • For the consumer, a blank t-shirt is fine to wear with jeans, a skirt, or shorts on a hot summer day.  It is also very useful when layering in the winter.  In regard to solid white, many career minded people wear them on a daily basis under their dress shirts when they go off to work.  All in all, solid color blank t-shirts are very important to the stylish consumer.  They can be worn in many different ways.
  • For the fashion industry a blank t-shirt is similar to a blank canvas for Picasso.  Developing graphics for t-shirts is certainly an art form.  The blank shirt is simply a tool in which to display the art.  A blank t-shirts is merely the starting point for designers to begin their creative work.  Therefore, when the fashion industry looks at a blank shirt, we see a canvas waiting to be turned into art.
Yes, you are correct that the fashion industry does not only use blank t-shirts as a canvas.  It is true that we sell both embellished shirts as well as solid shirts.  Obviously, the fact that we also sell solids is how consumers have those wonderful blank t-shirts to wear on warm summer day...
Where can the Fashion Industry buy Blank T-shirts?
The fashion industry can buy blank t-shirts from blank t-shirt wholesalers (distributors).  If you have orders of an adequate quantity, you can possibly purchase directly from t-shirt factories.
Here is where you can view pictures of blank t-shirts, read news about blank t-shirts and more...

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Where can consumers buy blank t-shirts?
Consumers can shop for blank t-shirts at most major clothing retailers.  If you do not wish to head out to the store, you can also browse the shopping guide here on Apparel Search.  In that section, you can find blank t-shirts for women, blank t-shirts for men, and blank t-shirts for children.
If you would like to design your own printed shirt, you can visit the shirt printing website to print your own t-shirt


Blank shirts can be crew neck, v-neck, raglan sleeve, ringer tees, etc.

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