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Apparel Search Fashion Industry b2b Directory for the clothing industryThis Machinery Directory is intended to only list textile and clothing industry machinery manufacturers that produce machines and equipment in the United States of America.  If you find textile or apparel industry machinery companies listed in this section that do not manufacture their machinery in production plants in the USA, please let us know and we will remove the listings from this section.  If you are searching for our international machinery directory, please visit our main machinery directory.
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  G.A. Braun: (USA)  industrial equipment for the laundry and textile markets.  Braun textile equipment is used in the dyeing of natural and synthetic fibers, while Braun denim finishing equipment is used in the stone wash and chemical finishing process.  From their manufacturing facilities in Syracuse, New York and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Braun laundry equipment is marketed worldwide to hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, commercial and industrial laundries, government and correctional facilities.

  Nedco (USA) automatic folding equipment.   At National Equipment Development Company (NEDCO) their goal is to be the best and most innovative Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of finishing and packaging equipment for the textile and apparel trades.

circular knitting machinery  Vanguard Supreme  (USA) In its 85th year of continuous operation, Vanguard Supreme is the leader in circular knitting technology.  Custom designed machines unsurpassed in quality. Proven to be productive and profitable for the production of underwear, T shirts, fleece wear, sportswear, casual wear, industrial fabrics, medical fabrics, and packaging fabrics.  From its founding in 1918 as the Supreme Knitting Machine Company, to its acquisition by the Singer Company in 1961, its return to private ownership in 1978 as Vanguard Supreme, and in 1986 as part of Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation, one objective has never changed, that is the Commitment to Excellence.

  • Circular Knit Machinery Manufacturer

circular knitting machinery  Tompkins Brothers Company, Inc (TBCI) [USA Manufacturer]designs, manufactures and sells a proprietary line of circular knitting machinery and equipment to the textile industry worldwide.  The company is located in Syracuse, New York on Oneida Street. Tompkins, celebrating its 156th year, is one of the oldest U.S. manufacturers of circular knitting machinery and equipment in the world. The Company has positioned itself for expansive growth by focusing on continued product development of a full range of machines from 3 inches to 26 inches in diameter. Tompkins offers R (rib) Frame Size I for diameters 3 through 7 inches, Frame Size II for 8 through 13 inches, Frame III for diameters 14 through 19 inches, and Frame Size IV for 20 to 26 inches. The J series produces jersey, lacoste, and terry. Frame Size I is for diameters 4 to 10 inches, Frame II and III for 11 to 26 inches. Tompkins Brothers Company's proprietary niche is the ability to offer the customer faster, more consistent production and more flexibility with interchangeable diameters that fit standardized, more compact frame size machines.

  • Circular knitting machinery manufacturer

  Tranoco  (USA) Machinery Mounting Pads for Isolating and Reducing Vibration. Beams for All Types of Weaving Machines Canisters Paper Makers' Felt Looms. Warper Beams. Beam Heads. Parts for Paper Makers' Felt Weaving Machines - J
ger -Jurgens
Texo. Flexhold yarn Package Adapters / Holders - Use One Adapter for most any Size Cone or Tube. Parts for Velvet & Uphosltery Weaving Machines - Van De Wiele - Guesken - Gunne MAV / SACM
Dornier. Misc. Loom Parts - Harness Frame Parts Pulleys - Ceramic Thread Guides.
  • Beams for Weaving Machines
  • Papermakers for Felt Weaving Machine
  • Warper Beams
  • Beam Heads
  • Ceramic Thread Guides
  • Mounting Pads
  • Pulleys

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