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The history of fabric mills in the United States is a tale of industrialization, innovation, and adaptation that mirrors the broader evolution of the country's textile industry. Here is an overview of the key milestones and developments in the history of fabric mills in the U.S.:

1. Early Cottage Industries (Late 18th Century - Early 19th Century):

The textile industry in the United States began as a cottage industry in the late 18th century, with families engaged in home-based textile production. Spinning and weaving were common household tasks, and fabrics were often produced for personal use or local trade.

2. Industrial Revolution and Early Mills (Late 18th Century - Early 19th Century):

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the United States saw the establishment of water-powered textile mills in the late 18th century and early 19th century. Slater Mill in Rhode Island, built by Samuel Slater in 1793, is often considered the birthplace of the American industrial revolution in textiles. These early mills mainly focused on cotton and wool production.

3. Cotton Boom and Expansion (Early to Mid-19th Century):

The cotton gin's invention by Eli Whitney in 1793 revolutionized cotton production and led to a significant cotton boom in the American South. Cotton fabric mills flourished, particularly in New England, powered by waterways and later steam engines. Lowell, Massachusetts, became known as the "City of Spindles" for its numerous textile mills.

4. Civil War and Post-War Period (Mid-19th Century):

The American Civil War disrupted cotton supply chains, leading to the diversification of textile materials. During and after the war, fabric mills began producing a wider range of textiles, including wool, silk, and synthetics like rayon and acetate.

5. Technological Advancements (Late 19th Century - Early 20th Century):

The late 19th and early 20th centuries brought significant technological advancements to the textile industry. Innovations like the power loom, automatic bobbin-winding machines, and synthetic fibers spurred efficiency and product diversification.

6. World Wars and Military Textiles (Early to Mid-20th Century):

Both World War I and World War II drove demand for textiles, with mills producing military uniforms, tents, and other materials. After World War II, the textile industry continued to expand and modernize.

7. Outsourcing and Challenges (Late 20th Century):

In the latter half of the 20th century, the U.S. textile industry faced increasing competition from overseas manufacturers, particularly in countries with lower labor costs. Many mills struggled to remain competitive and faced closures or downsizing.

8. Revival and Innovation (21st Century):

In the 21st century, some fabric mills in the U.S. experienced a revival, driven by factors like the demand for locally-made and sustainable products. Many mills shifted their focus to specialized textiles, technical textiles, and high-quality fabrics.

Fabric mills in the United States continue to adapt to changing market dynamics, incorporating advanced technologies, sustainable practices, and niche product offerings. While the industry has evolved significantly since its early days, it remains an integral part of the country's manufacturing heritage and contributes to the global textile market.

USA Fabric Mills Directory

Antex Knitting Mills is a vertical knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing company established in Los Angeles in 1973. The company produces approximately 1.5 million yards of fabric per week. Its traditional business is to provide fashionable knitted fabrics to the junior, contemporary, and children's markets. The Antex knitting department consists of 300 high-speed, multi-feed, state-of-the-art machines. The equipment, ranging from 14 to 38 cut machines, provides the capabilities to produce a wide range of fabrics. Address: 3750 S. Broadway Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90007 Telephone (323) 232-2061 Fax (323) 233-7751  In addition to fabric they provide the following services:

Printing: Wet printing on cellulosic fibers (reactive dyes, resist and discharge), Wet printing on polyamide fibers (acid dyes for swimwear), Wet printing on polyester fibers (disperse dyes), Pigment printing (all fibers)

Finishing: Sueding, Sanding, Brushing, Stain Release Moisture Management, Water Repellent, Anti-Microbial UV Protection, Flame Retardant

Burlington Industries Group (owned by W.L Ross & Co. / International Textile Group): One of the largest US fabric manufacturers.  They make wool worsted and worsted-blend fabrics, and waterproof synthetics for the apparel market.  In later 2003, they had been bought by W.L Ross & Co.

Cariff Engineered Fabrics Corporation: they are a multisite, manufacturing company engaged in the Design, Manufacture, Marketing and Distribution of Engineered, Circular- Knitted fabrics for industrial and medical product applications throughout the world.

Carolina Apparel Group / Coville [Carolina Apparel Group Profile on Apparel Search] (USA):  is a manufacturer of "body-size" circular knit fabrics and thermal underwear, offering the comfort and cost benefits of body-size, side -seamless fabric and apparel Made in the USA. Carolina Apparel specializes in thermals for well-known brand names, major retailers' private labels and for the US Armed forces. From performance, wicking base-layer for the outdoors man, to comfortable cotton prints for kids. Their quick replenishment on in-season items, coupled with their cost-efficient manufacturing advantages makes us and attractive, experienced alternative to offshore manufacturing.

  • Manufacturer Item #1: Thermal underwear (all genders)             

  • Manufacturer Item #2: Base Layer (all genders)             

  • Manufacturer Item #3: Knit shirts             

  • Manufacturer Item #4: Underwear

  • Manufacturer of fabric:  Ribs, Thremal, Raschel, Waffle, Jersey, Circular Knit, Greige fabric

Cone Mills Corporation   (owned by W.L Ross & Co. / International Textile Group) 
Cone Mills LLC Is: One of America's leading textile manufacturers. They are headquartered in Greensboro, NC, with five manufacturing facilities located in North Carolina and Mexico. The company also has regional sales offices in Greensboro, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Established in 1891, the Cone Mills mission is to be: The largest producer of denim fabrics in the world. Cone Mills LLC is a privately held company owned by WL Ross & Co. as part of the International Textile Group.

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Dan River - fabric mill with rich history, but unfortunately out of business.  Dan River Inc. manufactures was an apparel fabrics and home fashion products, such as bedding. Based in Danville, Virginia, the company was the leading U.S. producer of lightweight yarn-dyed fabrics, including oxford cloth, denims, and broadcloth.  In 2008, Dan River, the U.S. division of an Indian conglomerate (GHCL) since 2006, was winding down its operation and will liquidate after nearly 126 years in business

Edley Associates, Inc.:  They manufacture tulle, net, and tricot fabrics, in our own factory in New York. They manufacture their own yarn, and knit dye and finish in their own factories. All of their fabrics are available as piece goods, rolled on tubes, doubled and rolled on boards, slit into spools of varying widths, as ribbons both wired and unwired, as die cut circles for party favors, and as custom cut sheets for gift basket wrap.  Address: 550 West Old Country Road- Suite 309 Hicksville, NY 11801 516-933-7444 fax 516-933-7555 800-TRICOTS email: tricots@aol.com  

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fabric Trends International (USA) Manufacturers of stock patterned and custom designed air and heat embossed, crushed greige and colored flocked fabrics for fashion, automotive, furnishing and upholstery applications

fiberLok, Inc (USA) fiber coated graphics from custom designed artwork for garment, clothing accessories, carpet and automotive applications. Press releases and case histories. Price list and on-line ordering.

Fifield, Inc (USA) Custom developed and standard flock coating of textile fabrics for garments and decoration. Also, imitation leathers and velvets.

Griswold Textile Print, Inc.: they are a hand screen printed fabric mill.  They manufacture hand silk screened fabrics for the decorator and design industry.  They also have low minimum production yardages to allow new entries into the textile design field.  They are a fully operational US fabric contract printer!  Address: 84 White Rock Road Westerly, RI 02891 (401)596-2784  Contact: Jack Wilson  e-mail: Gristex@aol.com

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Hamrick Mills: Hamrick Mills produces top-quality, greige woven fabrics for use in the home furnishings, industrial, apparel and support apparel markets. Manufacturing operations are versatile, efficient and responsive to customer needs. In January of 1900, a new textile organization was formed in Gaffney, South Carolina under the name of Limestone Mills, with Dr. Wylie C. Hamrick elected as Secretary and Treasurer, in effect, the chief operating officer. Hamrick Mills has maintained success over time by responding and adapting to change, investing in technology, and remaining totally customer focused in its efforts. Today's two-plant operation, corporate headquarters and sales offices are all located in Gaffney, SC in the center of the I-85 growth corridor, under the direction of third, fourth and fifth-generation family members.

Keystone Weaving: After nearly 80 years in business, the company headquarters are still located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the site of their fully integrated manufacturing facility. Their mission is to be the premier manufacturer of quality woven fabrics with an unwavering commitment to their customers, their employees, their community and Made-in-the-USA. KW is widely recognized in the textile industry as a leading domestic weaving mill with a wide range of textile products for high-end apparel, home decor, military, industrial and a wide variety of other quality textile woven fabrics. They specialize in intricate weaves, unique patterns, custom orders, and short runs for diverse niche markets. Their fabrics are produced with a wide variety of filament and spun fibers, such as acetate, cotton, linen, metallic, nylon, polyester, rayon, and many other novelty yarns. Keystone Weaving is a family owned and operated company since 1930, leading the manufacturing industry for high-end apparel, home decor, military, industrial and a wide variety of other quality, sustainable woven fabrics. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States.

Malden Mills Industries / Polartec Malden Mills manufacturers high-tech fabrics, some made partially of recycled plastic, are designed for the outdoor type.  The company makes Polartec all season synthetic fabrics for use primarily in apparel and footwear.  Address: 46 Stafford Str. Lawrence, MA 01841

Milliken & Company Inc.: Milliken & Comany makes textiles and chemicals used in products ranging from art supplies to spacesuits.  One of the world's largest textile companies, Milliken produces finished fabrics for fabrics for rugs, and carpets, as well as other synthetic fabrics uses in such goods as apparel.  Milliken operates about 65 manufacturing operations worldwide (year 2004).

National Textile Industries: A third generation family business, National Textile Industries, has been supplying broadcloth and trimmings since 1958, when Sal Gagliano and his father Thomas launched the small trimming house, National Bias Binding, on the lower east side of New York City. Today , National Textile Industries converts poly cotton broadcloth for every imaginable manufacturer from home furnishings to medical products.   In addition, their bias binding division produces approximately 195 million yards of trimming a year.  National Textile Industries has developed an unsurpassed reputation in the industry for their quality fabric and their in stock program of over 150 solid colors.  At this year's Material World show, National Textile Industries is introducing a new line of Poplin and Waffle Pique fabrics to meet the ever increasing needs of the manufacturer.  The Gagliano family is actively involved in all daily operations of the company. They take exceptional pride in their MADE IN THE USA program. Sal Gagliano still boasts that his product is exclusively manufactured in the u.s.a. from seeding to weaving to finishing. 100% authentic American   It is this old fashioned philosophy and tradition that has kept their business, as well as their family, fruitful. NATIONAL TEXTILE INDUSTRIES NATIONAL BIAS BINDING CORP. BROOKLYN ARMY TERMINAL 140 58tH STREET UNIT 2L BROOKLYN, NY 11220 718-439-4800 800-528-5568 JAY GAGLIANO VICE PRESIDENT sales@nationaltextile.net   

Pendleton Woolen Mills: In 1863, traveling down the Atlantic seaboard, crossing the Isthmus of Panama on a burro, and sailing up the Pacific coast was a grueling four-month passage. Yet for Thomas Kay, a young English weaver, it was a dream come true. An old hand at sea voyages, he had already crossed the Atlantic years earlier to work at east coast textile mills. With skills honed, he was now headed to an area with ideal conditions for raising sheep and producing wool. A place with moderate weather and plentiful water - America's newest state, Oregon.  Today, their sons have assumed management roles in the company. C.M. Bishop III is president and John and Charles are vice presidents. Another son, Peter, is manager of the Catalog/internet Division. This family thread has continued to produce Pendleton leadership with a legacy of hands-on management for six generations -- warranted to be a Pendleton since 1863.  Learn more about Pendleton Woolen Mills from the Pendelton Woolen Mills video.

R.B Pamplin Corporation  / Mount Vernon Mills

The companies Mount Vernon Mills is one of the largest denim producers in the US.  Mount Vernon Mills consists of more than 4,300 individuals producing the finest America has to offer. A pride that springs from 150+ years in textiles.  The Apparel fabrics Group is the largest of all the Mount Vernon Mills groups, accounting for over half of all company sales. In fact, denim fabric is woven and finished for sale to many major manufacturers across the country like Wrangler, Lee, and Levi's.  The Apparel fabrics Group operates one of the largest denim manufacturing facilities in the world. The mill at Trion produces over 400,000 square yards a day in a wide variety of denim including washed, over-dyed, and stretch fabrics. Other products within the group include twills, drills, duck, and plain weave fabrics. These are piece-dyed for career apparel, work clothing and sportswear - most of which is considered "bottom weight" for pants, slacks, and trousers

SAFE Denim  :  For over 30 years American Cotton Growers' denim has set the standard for quality, durability and fashion. That same fabric, which until now was only available to the world's largest manufacturers, is now being made available to smaller boutique manufactures that share their vision of cloth that is Sustainable, American, and Friendly to the Environment. They produce a variety of styles including stretch, ring-spun, slub yarn and smooth open-end in indigo, black and natural.  SAFE Denim is in association with the Plains Cotton Cooperative AssociationP.O. Box 430 Littlefield, TX 79339 Phone: 806-385-4129 Fax: 806-385-5492 sales@safedenim.com

Southern Converters  they manufacture a broad variety of textile products for use in commercial laundry, manufacturing, filtration, and other industrial applications.   From their early roots as a division of Southern Mills, the employees of Southern Converters have delivered exceptional products to the laundry and dry cleaning industry as a manufacturer of press pads and covers.  They were among the first to introduce nylon, polyester, and aramid fibers to the industry.  Today, their modern manufacturing facility in the Southern United States now serves hundreds of customers in over 30 countries worldwide.  Address: 309 Dividend Drive Peachtree City, Georgia. 30269 866-841-5618 ph. 866-841-5627 fx. e-mail: tsmith@southernconverters.com  

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Splash Fabric: they are a locally owned and operated fabric manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington.  Their fabrics, bags and home goods are useful and durable to support your busy lifestyle. But useful doesn't have to be dull. Their laminated cotton is luscious, drapey and buttery-soft to the touch.  At Splash Fabric, they design and handcraft eco-friendly laminated cotton fabric, bags and home goods that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, beautifully. Owner & Designer is Tracy Krauter.

Springs Industries Springs makes baby bedding, fabrics, hardware, infant apparel and widnow blinds.  They produce private label items for wal-mart and target.  Since their founding, the company has grown from a single mill to a company with approximately 40 manufacturing facilities in 12 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico. They employ about 17,000 people (year 2004), led by Chairman and CEO Crandall Bowles, fifth generation of the Springs family to lead the private company.

Tweave LLC: For over 50 years, Tweave has been on the leading edge in the design, development, and manufacture of stretch woven fabrics. Initially developed and currently used to meet the stringent requirements of the intimate apparel industry, Tweave's specialized techniques have been successfully applied in the creation of an ever-broadening array of fabrics over the years. Tweave was founded in 1951, and has been privately owned until the recent acquisition by Gehring Textiles in September of 2008.  It was the first weaving mill in the world to produce spandex containing fabrics and, for over 30 years, has been primarily dedicated to their production. Today, they consider themselves the forerunners in stretch woven technology. Their vertical process begins with the spandex covering step.  They then proceed to warping and beaming, followed by weaving.  The fabric is then dyed and finished to their customers' exact specifications at the Gehring Textiles Dyeing & Finishing plant in Dolgeville, NY. Several quality control and inspection processes along the way ensure a high quality finished fabric. Tweave also has a dedicated and talented work force with an average length of service of over 15 years which greatly adds to the consistency of their products.

Unitex International (USA): UNITEX International is an innovative knitter and converter serving the apparel industry for over 20 years. The vast line of product includes prints, stripes, novelties and hi-end superior blend of yarns. Contemporary line of knits are produced per season and made available for sampling. The product line is supported by strong commitment to quality and customer service at the right price. Address: 4800 District Blvd, Vernon CA 90058 Phone: 323-581-4477 Fax: 323-581-5561 E-mail: info@unitexinternational.net

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W.L. Gore & Associates / Gore-tex While they may be best known for our GORE-TEX fabrics, all their products are distinguished in their markets. Their technologies and fluoropolymer expertise are unsurpassed.  Manufacturing operations are clustered in the U.S., Germany, Scotland, Japan, and China.  Thin, lightweight, durable Gore membranes provide the keys to the performance of Gore fabrics. Gore combines these very uniform barriers with contamination-resistant coatings.  The resulting composites may be tailored to achieve varying degrees of windproofness, resistance to penetration by liquids, and moisture vapor permeability or breathability.

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