Fashion Industry Network Rules That MUST be Followed

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Here are the important rules at the Fashion Industry Network that MUST BE FOLLOWED.
Rule # 1:  You truly must have an interest in Fashion or a related topic.
Rule # 2:  If you are promoting a product or service, it must be directly relevant to the fashion industry or textile industry.
Rule # 3:  You must be respectful to other members at all times.
Rule # 4:  This site is NOT about developing your search engine optimization (SEO).  Note: If you are providing helpful information, you are welcome to link to your product or service.   We know the difference between fair use and abuse.  Do not abuse the system...

Rule # 5: No nudity.

Rule # 6 : No advocating the sale of knockoffs (no selling counterfeit goods or promoting websites that do).

If you do not follow the rules, you will be "banned" from the network.  The system is actually rather simple.  With one click of the mouse, your account along with all of your prior posts will be deleted.
We will "BAN" first and ask questions later...  We do apologize if we have banned you without good reason.
If you feel you have been banned in error, please feel free to contact us.  If we made an error, we definitely wish to beg you for your forgiveness.  We may not be able to bring back your old posts, but we will certainly allow you back into the group.

As a reminder, we maintain the right to remove any account or information from our website at any time and without any warning.

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