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Welcome to the worlds greatest guide to Men's Leather Gloves.  Are you actually looking for information about Men's Leather Gloves?  Well, we hope you are because the reality is that you have found our leather gloves for men page.  In this area of the Apparel Search directory, you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding gloves made of leather for men.

A glove is a garment covering the whole hand. Gloves have separate sheaths or openings for each finger and the thumb.  Gloves are made of materials including cloth, knitted or felted wool, leather, rubber, latex, neoprene, and metal (as in mail).  Gloves of kevlar protect the wearer from cuts. Leather is a natural product with special characteristics that make it comfortable to wear, and give it great strength and flexibility. Because it is a natural product, with its own unique variations, every piece has its own individual characteristics. As they are worn and used, leather gloves (especially if they fit snugly) will conform to the wearer's hand. As this occurs the leather of the glove will become more malleable, and thus softer and more supple. This process is known as 'breaking-in' the glove. Overtime wear spots may appear on certain parts of the palm and fingertips, due to the constant use of those areas of the glove. Creases and wrinkles will appear on the palm side of the leather glove and will generally correspond to the locations of the hinge joints of the wearer's hands, including the interphalangeal articulations of hand, metacarpophalangeal joints, intercarpal articulations, and wrists.

The component parts that may be found in a leather dress glove are one pair of tranks, one pair of thumbs, four whole fourchettes, four half fourchettes, two gussets, and six quirks. Depending on the style of the glove there may also be roller pieces, straps, rollers, eyelets, studs, sockets and domes. Finally, linings will themselves consist of tranks, thumbs and fourchettes.

Because the leather is natural as well as delicate, the wearer must take precaution as to not damage them. The constant handling of damp or wet surfaces will discolor lighter-colored gloves and stiffen the leather of any glove. The wearer will often unknowingly damage or stain their gloves while doing such tasks as twisting a wet door knob or wiping a running nose with a gloved hand.

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide. It can be produced at manufacturing scales ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.

Below are a few of the various types of glove leather:

Lambskin is widely used for best fashion gloves and it is casual and country gloves. It is the most used material for gloves made in Europe in the known as French style.

Cowhide is often used for lower-priced gloves. This leather is generally considered too thick and bulky for the majority of glove styles, particularly finer dress gloves. It is, however, used for some casual styles of glove.

Deerskin has the benefit of great strength and elasticity, but has a more rugged appearance, with more grain on the surface, than "hairsheep". It is very hard-wearing and heavier in weight.

Goatskin is occasionally used for gloves. It is hard-wearing but coarser than other leathers and is normally used for cheaper gloves. Hairsheep originates from sheep that grow hair, not wool.

Hairsheep leather is finer and less bulky than other leathers. Its major benefits are softness of touch, suppleness, strength, and lasting comfort. It is very durable and is particularly suited for the manufacture of dress gloves. Peccary is the world's rarest and most luxurious gloving leather.

Peccary leather is very soft, difficult to sew, and hard-wearing.

Sheepskin, also called shearling, is widely used for casual and country gloves. It is very warm in cold weather, and as a leather reversed, it has still attached wool on the inside.

Learn about leather grains on the Fashion Blog.

Leather glove linings vary.  Here are a few options:

Cashmere is warm, light in weight, and very comfortable to wear. Cashmere yarn comes from the hair of mountain goats, whose fleece allows them to survive the extreme weather conditions they are exposed to.

Silk is warm in winter and cool in summer and is used both in men's and women's gloves, but is more popular in women's.

Wool is well known for its natural warmth and comfort, as as well as having a natural elasticity.

Other linings, which include wool mixtures and acrylics.

The most popular types of leather glove sewing stitches used today are: Hand stitched, which is most popular in men's gloves.  Hand stitching is a very time-consuming and skilled process. Inseam, which is mainly used on women's gloves, but occasionally on men's dress gloves.

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