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Are you interested in learning more about cashmere hats for women?

A hat is a shaped covering for the head worn for warmth, as a fashion item, or as part of a uniform.  Cashmere is a fine, soft wool, originally that from the Kashmir goat.  Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a luxury fiber.

Common usage defines the fiber as wool but it is finer and softer than sheep's wool. Cashmere fabric is luxurious and used for various types of clothing.  The warmth makes this fabric a good candidate for hats, gloves, and scarves. Cashmere is finer, stronger, lighter, softer, and approximately three times more insulating than sheep wool.

If you go outside on a cold day, the first thing you will hear from your mom and dad is a reminder to bundle up - often accompanied by these words of wisdom: "You need to wear a hat because you lose more heat through your head than the rest of your body."  Your mom should tell you, don't forget your "cashmere hat".

womens cashmere hats

Pure cashmere can be dyed and spun into yarns and knitted into hats.

Did you know that hats are a type of headwear?  Learn about women's cashmere headwear.

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