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Though not strict to historically accurate uniforms, the French maid outfit has an easily recognizable pattern and black-and white theme that remains the template for other forms of the costume.

The women's French maid outfit is a strongly modified style of servant's dress that evolved from typical housemaid's black-and-white afternoon uniforms of 19th-century France. Some styles are conservative while others are revealing.


Women's French Maid Outfits

Primary features of a women's French maid outfit.

  • A black dress with white trim, with a full skirt at or above knee length.
  • White half-apron, usually with ruffle or lace.
  • A ruffled or lace headpiece Long stockings or tights. These can be white or black and vary from design to design.
  • White or black lace garter.

The outfit is typically accompanied with high heels and a feather duster as a common accessory. 

The French maid costume is often used in cosplay, sexual roleplaying, and uniform fetishism. Depending on design details, some forms can be classified as lingerie.

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