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Silk is a fine, strong, soft, lustrous fiber produced by silkworms in making cocoons and collected to make thread and fabric.  The fabric is produced into women's tops such as fine blouses.

Blouses usually consist of light fabrics such as silk or thin cotton fabrics, until the early 1990s are often made of softly falling synthetic fibers (e.g. polyester). Sometimes they are decorated with frills, embroidery or loops. The classic of the ladies' blouses is the white shirt blouse.

The word most commonly refers to a girl's or woman's dress shirt.

  • A dress shirt, button shirt, button-front, button-front shirt, or button-up shirt is a garment with a collar and a full-length opening at the front, which is fastened using buttons or shirt studs. A button-down or button-up shirt is a dress shirt which has a button-down collar – a collar having the ends fastened to the shirt with buttons.

Traditionally, the term has been used to refer to a shirt which blouses out or has an unmistakably feminine appearance.  Blouses are often made of cotton or silk cloth and may or may not include a collar and sleeves. They are generally more tailored than simple knit tops, and may contain feminine details such as ruffles, a tie or a soft bow at the neck, or embroidered decorations.

Petite is having a small and attractively dainty build.  You can most definitely find silk blouses in petite sizes.

Women's petite size silk blouses come in a wide assortment of styles.  You can find various sleeve lengths such as long or short sleeve.  You can also find no sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, etc.  This type of top has many color options as well.

womens petite silk blouses

Ladies petite silk blouses come in solid colors or printed.

Learn more about silk blouses.

What ever style of ladies top you are wearing, is in fashion.

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If you want to be even more stylish, you should wear your favorite Women's Petite Silk Blouses.

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