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Welcome to our sporty guide to Women's Soccer Socks.  Are you actually looking for information on this category of clothing?  Well, we hope you are because the reality is that you have found our page on the topic.  In this section of the our directory, you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding soccer socks for women.

A sock is an apparel item for the foot and lower part of the leg, typically knitted from wool, cotton, silk, nylon or blends. They come in various styles & lengths.  A women's soccer sock is typically long so that it can accommodate the use of shin guards.

A shin guard is a pad worn to protect the shins when playing soccer, hockey, and other sports.  Some shin guards slip between the sock & wears shin and others are incorporated directly into the sock.  The shin guard is primarily worn on the front of an athlete's shin to protect it from injury.

Similar to other athletic socks, soccer socks are made to provide the best possible comfort and to aid performance.  They are often made with fabric wicking properties in mind.

The ladies soccer socks are used for actual games as well as practices.  The are generally made from high performance fabrics.  They are typically worn a few inches below the knee.

Soccer socks are often referenced as calf socks because they cover the entire calf.

What ever you are wearing to cover your feet & lower legs, is in fashion.  If you want to be even more stylish & sporty, you should wear your favorite ladies soccer socks.


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For the record, shin guards typically smell horrible.  Try to keep them clean as best possible.

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