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Welcome to the worlds greatest guide to Women's Terry Robes.  Are you actually looking for terry robes for women?  Well, we hope you are because the reality is that you have found our page on the topic.

First things first.  In this section we are referring primarily to bathrobes.  What is a robe?  In summary, a robe is a loose fitting garment.  A "bathrobe" is worn mostly after bathing or swimming.  They are typically made of fabric that is absorbent.  The goal is to help keep the wearer warm & clothed after getting out of a pool or shower.

What is terry?  It is a type of fabric.

Terry is a type of fabric with a plush texture that is soft to the touch and has highly absorbent qualities.  Terry cloth is familiar as the material that is used for bath towels and washcloths. It is also used by clothing manufacturers to make garments, such as the classic bathrobe. Terry cloth features a high loop pile, which may be on one or both sides of the fabric.

Terry fabric comes in a variety of options.  For example, French terry, Knit Terry, Micro Terry Fleece, etc.

What is the difference between terry & fleece?

Read the robe definition for further research.

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