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Velour is a textile, a knitted counterpart of velvet. It combines the stretchy properties of knits such as spandex with the rich appearance and feel of velvet. Velour is used in dancewear for the ease of movement it affords, and is also popular for warm, colorful casual clothing. Plush velour seats are an option on many luxury vehicles. In consequence, Jeremy Clarkson has often labeled vehicles he considers tastless (mainly American) as having 'Finest Vulgalour Interiors'.

Velour is also widely used in the manufacture of theater drapes and stage curtains. Velours used for this range from 16oz per linear yard to 32oz per linear yard. Cotton velour is treated with flame retardant chemicals when used in this application. Cotton stage and theatre curtains should be checked with an open flame every 5 to 7 years after manufacture to ensure continued flame resistance.

In the last decade, velour has been used for pillow covers and mattress coverings. Luxury memory foam mattresses usually come outfitted with Jacquard velour covers, for their comfort and elasticity, as well as their flame resistance.

The name Velour is also used by a Swedish fashion label founded in 2001. In this case, the reference to a soft retro fabric is an anti statement. The life style behind the brand is a contemporary minimalistic view on fashion referred to as velourism.

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