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The educational information listed in this section has graciously been provided by the American Sheep Industry Association

Hair and Double-Coated Breeds: Dorper



Ram 220-250 lb.
Ewe 170-200 lb.

The Dorper breed was developed in the early 1940's in South Africa from crossing Blackhead Persian and Dorset Horn breeds. Their color is solid white or white with black heads. Dorpers are highly fertile and have an extended breeding season. Ewes are docile with good mothering ability. They are hardy and adaptable to hot, dry, humid and cold climatic conditions. Dorpers have a mixture of hair and wool, but do not require shearing. They are non-selective grazers and perform well under both extensive and intensive production systems. Dorper lambs have rapid growth, early maturity and yield muscular high quality carcasses.

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