Little Black Book of Career Advice by Jones Apparel
Fashion Industry Employment Article Posted September 2010

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Jones New York, a division of Jones Apparel Group, Inc. (NYSE: JNY), announced the launch of "The Little Black Book of Career Advice," which features career wit and wisdom from over 100 influential women. The Little Black Book of Career Advice is a part of the Jones New York "Empowering Your Confidence" campaign, and is a digitally integrated and socially shareable asset that features inspirational quotes from successful women across the country, including Lauren Bush, Arianna Huffington, Bonnie Fuller, Deborah Norville, Bobbi Brown and Ivanka Trump. The book will live on the Jones New York website (

Jones New York's empowerment campaign celebrates the brand's history of dressing women for success for over 35 years and has joined forces with Dee Dee Myers, the first female White House Press Secretary and author of The New York Times best-selling book Why Women Should Rule the World, to help spread the message.

Myers said: "For this effort, we've made it our mission to gather together a unique group of female influencers from the worlds of politics, entertainment, education and business. We're so grateful to each participant for sharing the secrets to her success. The Jones New York Empowerment Movement is important to me on a personal and a professional level, and I hope that women everywhere will find The Little Black Book of Career Advice to be a helpful resource."

Stacy Lastrina, Chief Marketing Officer of Jones Apparel Group, said: "The Little Black Book of Career Advice was designed to help inspire women. We all have collected a great deal of wisdom and advice in our lives and careers, and Jones New York wanted to create a platform on which to share it."

The Little Black Book of Career Advice is one of the enhanced initiatives of the brand's fall campaign. Learn more about the Empowering Your Confidence campaign at

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