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You Chang Co., Ltd
You Chang Tower, 25-5, 4ga, JungAng-Dong, Jung-Ku, Busan, Korea
Tel:+82-51-441-3485   Fax:+82-51-441-3483 or
Fabric Categories
Carbon Fabric
Basalt Fabric
Fiberglass Fabric / Glassfiber Fabric
Long Fiber Reinforced Thermalplastics

We are specialized in manufacturing Multiaxial Stiched Carbon and Fibreglass Fabric,
Uni-directional Carbon prepreg, Carbon Fabric, Basalt Fabric, Long Fiber Reinforced Thermalplastics.

We'd like to supply following type of fibreglass fabric for Fishing Rod.

A) Glassfiber fabric. Model No : 218
     -. Weave : satin.                 -. Thickness : 0.18mm       -. Width : 1,000mm
     -. Weight(g/m) : 212,           -. weight after epoxy-resin 32-34% coating : 320g/m
     -. Thread count(/inch) : wrap - 64, Fill - 27
     -. Roll length : 100m             -. Color : black

B) Glassfiber fabric. Model No : 224
        -. Weave : satin.                    -. Thickness : 0.24mm-   . width 1,000mm
        -. weight : 310g/m                  -. weight after epoxy-resin 32-34% coating : 470g/m
        -. Thread count(/inch) : wrap -ECG 37 1/0,    Fil - ECG 150 1/0       
        -. Roll length : 100m             -. Color : black

C) Glassfiber fabric. Model No : 7781
        -. Weave : Twill.                    -. Thickness : 0.32mm-   . width 1,000mm
        -. weight : 310g/m                  -. weight after epoxy-resin 32-34% coating : 473g/m
        -. Thread count(/inch) : wrap -ECG 75 1/0,    Fil - ECG 75 1/0       
        -. Roll length : 100m             -. Color : black

Followings are brief products features, which You Chang is manufacturing.

Over -All Information   ==================================

A) 12K and 6 K Carbon Fabric :  200g/m2 and width 1,270mm is available.
                                                 From 150g/m2 ~ 700g/m2 will be available from January.2006.

 Carbon fabric

Your request weight/m2
Plain or Twill 

Monthly quantity

12K Carbon fabric



6K Carbon fabric



  3K carbon fabric 200g/m2 and width 1,000mm is available .

    Glassfiber fabric similar external appearance with carbon Fabric :
Decoration only, alternatives for carbon Fabric

Model No




YC-7500 Black

 Plain without any coating

309 g/m2


YC-7500 TPU

One side TPU(Thermal Plastic Urethane) coating

554 g/m2


YC-R300 Black

 Plain without any coating

305 g/m2



One side TPU(Thermal Plastic Urethane) coating

550 g/m2


YC-300 Silver

 Even side Twill (4x4) without any coating

300 g/m2


 YC-300 Black color   

 Even side Twill (4x4) without any coating

300 g/m2

Under developing 

YC-300 Gold color

Even side Twill (4x4) without any coating

300 g/m2

 Under developing

B) Fiberglass Fabric and Prepreg: Fishing rod, golf shaft, surfing board,
   Batten tube, Tennis racquet. Fibre tube, Tubular Fiberglass, Composite Tubular products, Composite    Tubes, carbon fibre tube, yacht masts, Ski Poles, Wind surfing board, Kite board,
   Golf Shafts, Polo Shafts, Archery, Hockey, Canoe Paddles, Kite Tubes, Model Car,
   Plane & Boat Tubes, Audio Equipment

C) Carbon Fiber Fabric and Prepreg and Hybride(Carbon + Aramid):
     Missile nozzle, rocket, Aerospace Materials, Automobile, Sporting Goods and Constructions
     for Public Works. Batten tube.

   A) YC -12K200
          -. Weave : Plain or Twill,               -.Thickness : 0.24mm             -. Width : 1,270mm
          -. Weight : 200g/m                      -. Thread count(/inch): Wrap 12.5, Fill 12.5
          -. Yarn : Wrap 12k, Fill 12k

  B) YC-3k190
        -. Weave : Plain or Twill,                 -.Thickness : 0.23mm           -. Width : 1,350mm
         -. Weight : 190g/m                        -. Thread count(/inch): Wrap 12, Fill 12
         -. Yarn : Wrap 3k, Fill 3k

  C) YC-3k200
         -. Weave : Plain or Twill,                 -.Thickness : 0.23mm         -. Width : 1000mm /1,350mm
         -. Weight : 200g/m                        -. Thread count(/inch): Wrap 12.5, Fill 12.5
         -. Yarn : Wrap 3k, Fill 3k

  D) YC-3k240
         -. Weave : Plain                           -.Thickness : 0.23mm         -. Width : 1000mm
         -. Weight : 240g/m                        -. Thread count(/inch): Wrap 12.5, Fill 12.5
         -. Yarn : Wrap 3k, Fill 3k

D) Unidirectional Prepreg(UDPP) : Carbon Prepreg(UDPP) and Glass Prepreg(UDPP)
  a) UDPP with Glass Scrim : FAW 55gr/m2 ~ 800 gr/m2.
  b) UDPP without Glass Scrim(Regular RC type) : FAW 30gr/m2 ~ 800 gr/m2.
  c) UDPP with Carbon Scrim(Traverse Direction)
  d) UDPP with Triaxial Glass Scrim

E) Carbon / Glass Multilayer Prepreg

F) Multiaxial Stiched Fabrics(Carbon Fabric and Fibreglass fabric)

  a) Uni-Axial                               b) Bi-Axial   c) Double Bias         d) Tri-Axial     e) Quadri-Axial
  f)  Fiberglass Bi-Axial                 g)  Fiberglass double bias           h) Carbon fiber Bi-Axial
  i)  Carbon fiber double bias          j)  Stitched Fiberglass fabric       k) Stitched carbon fiber fabric
  l)  Mmultiaxial Fiberglass fabric   m) Mmultiaxial carbon fiber.

G) All kinds of GlassFiber Fabric(Woven Fabric)
  a) Fabric for industrial use : electric insulation, epoxy plate, conveyor belt,
            brown valve,screen, carbon sheet, reinforcement and MICA Tape
            reinforcement, copper clad laminate(7628).
  b) Fabric for Building : Insulation of exterior wall,
            finishes for glass wool and rock wool, waterproof sheet and solar screen
  c) Fabric for aluminium : filtering impurities out of the melted aluminium or other metals
  d) Fabric for sporting goods : fishing rod, tubular composite,surfing board

Weight & Part No

Width (Inch)

4oz Fiberglass Fabric
KN -1522AN2

Width 24"

Width 25"

Width 27"

Width 30"

6oz Fiberglass Fabric
KN-2110 N2

Width 24"

Width 25"

Width 27"

Width 30"

  e) Fabric for asbestos free : the ship, engineering work of heat insulation and cold storage
  f) Fabric for grinding wheel : resinoid grinding wheel
  g) Fabric for filterbag : gases exhausted out of steel
  h) Fabric for FRP, woven roving(COMPOSITE REINFORCEMENT FABRICS) :
                              wind surfing board, Molding porducts.

H) Long Fiber Reinforced Thermalplastics for tooling housing
 is produced with Roving that consist of thousands of filaments(Diameter is 10~20 pmm) 
  a) Higher mechanical properties
  b) Espacially higher notched impact strength
  c) Increasing endurance because of reduction of creep tendency
      and the increase of fluctuating fatigue strength
  d) Cost-down by using of master batch( You can control contents of fiber)

   Applications :

Auto parts, Engineering, Civile, Housing & Office, Sports gods, Toy, Ship&Airplain parts, Railing.

I) Basalt Fabric : 355g/m2 is almost the same appearance as 3K carbon fabric  200g/m2.
355g/m2 samples are availabe right now.    The spec are  Yarn (300 Tex), Density (15 * 15).

 Basalt fibers are new unique and economic products with superior properties to similar one in present use like as glass fibers.
In thermal conductivity, articles made of basalt fibers are 3 times as efficient as those made of asbestos, and superior to glass and mineral fibers. The application temperature of articles made of basalt fibers markedly higher (from -260 C to 900 C).

In their physical properties (strength, elasticity) basalt fibers considerably exceed mineral and glass fibers.
Due the elasticity of micro- and macrostructure, basalt fibers are vibration-resistant compared to similar products. This property is of particular importance in mechanical construction and civil engineering. For example, when buildings are erected near highways, railways and underground, whereas under vibration cushions of mineral and glass fibers experience damage and finally disintegrate, basalt slabs are vibration-resistant and, hence, more durable.

This will be last trial, In the near future, we can not collect anymore again as we promised to our local dealers. In chemical properties basalt fibers are more resistant to aggressive media i. e. acids and alkalis. Therefore pipes made of basalt fibers may be used in the chemical production for transporting hot acids, in the construction of sewerage systems, transportation of aggressive liquids and gases, loose materials, etc.

Dielectric properties of basalt-plastics, in particular volume resistance of basalt fibers are 1 to 2 orders of magnitude higher than those of fiberglass.

Basalt fibers can be used in various branches of industry fully replacing cancerous asbestos and to a considerable degree glass fibers and metals. The processing technologies of basalt fiber conforms to traditional technologies of glass fiber processing (fabrics, roving, chopped strands, GFRP). Thanks to their excellent properties basalt fiber may be used for manufacturing of thermo and alkali resistant articles (tanks, pipes, GFRP, warm insulating materials) and as ecological harmless substitute for asbestos.

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