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Beijing Juheng Garments Co. Ltd

Established in 1994, Beijing Juheng is an ISO 9001-certified supplier specializing in women's undergarments. Annual production yield from its two factories is 1.82 million pieces, with sales reaching US$3.8 million. Seventy-nine percent is directly exported, with OEM clients taking 65 percent and ODM 20 percent. The rest is exported under the in-house Y.G. brand.

Main overseas markets are France and Italy. The rapidly growing market in Russia, with its more active importers, will contribute to the expected 20 to 50 percent growth in 2005 export sales.

Bras account for 65 percent of all exports, followed by panties and girdles at 25 percent, and slips and camisoles at 10 percent.

Bra prices start at US$0.80 each. Embroidered lace and special fabric, such as those made of soybean fiber, can raise the price of a bra up to US$6. Panties are between US$0.50 and US$1.50, while girdles are US$2 to US$4. Slips and camisoles range from US$1 to US$1.30 each, with silk varieties at US$3.50 to US$5.50. Prices are expected to be stable in 2005.

Cotton, nylon, modal, Lycra, spandex, polyester and silk are usually used. Buyers may also specify the use of elastic or nonelastic straps, polyester or nylon lace, and steel wire. Specialty bras, such as one made of far-infrared fabric for women with hyperplasia, can also be supplied.

fabrics and accessories mainly come from Guangdong and Jiangsu. Molded bra cups are predominantly outsourced.

The company's 35-member R&D team develops 260 to 300 new products a year using the AGMS CAD system imported from Japan's Asahikasei Corp. R&D focus is on research into new materials that can increase comfort, such as the soybean-fiber fabric now being used in production. fabric made from soybean fiber has the same luster as silk and the texture and hand of a silk-cashmere blend. A special steel wire is also replacing memory alloy as bra cup frames. The new steel frame molds itself to the wearer and maintains the cup shape for more than 80 times of fitting.

Beijing Juheng's two factories in Hebei and Beijing together occupy a 25,200sqm area. The two factories have 15 cutting machines and 400 sewing machines, almost 40 percent of which are computerized.

The 13,200sqm Hebei plant employs 550 workers. It has one cutting workshop with eight machines, two of which are Fukushima-brand imports from Japan. The 12 sewing lines in the sewing workshop use 242 Singer, Juki, Kingtex and Pegasus branded machines. The packing workshop has two steam iron tables, each manned by four to 10 packers.

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Production checklist  
Sewing lines 20
R&D/design staff 35
QC staff 59
Mechanical sewing machines 242
Computerized sewing machines 158
Circular knitting machines
Cutting machines 15
In-house embroidery No

Exports by market
United States 12%
European Union 65%
Eastern Europe 8%
Middle East/africa
Asia 11%
Other 4%

China Sourcing Report

Women's Undergarments

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In 2004, China exported 4.2 billion pieces of women's undergarments, a 30% increase from 2003.

Demand is expected to continue to grow
especially from countries other than the US
and China suppliers are planning to significantly boost capacity to meet it.

How can you best take advantage of this booming supply market? What are the best products, at what price levels? Where are the main manufacturing centers?

With supplier profiles, product-price information and a comprehensive overview of China's women's undergarment industry, this report gives you the answers.

Suppliers: 51
Jun 05
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