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The EC clothing industry employs a million people and ranks among the leading ten industries in the European Community. Its output, at about US$60 bn a year, is almost double that of the USA and Japan. But while it remains a major industry it has had to face a number of difficulties. The report looks at the factors affecting the clothing industry in the EC and examines its future prospects.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Industry structure and characteristics
Importance of the Clothing Industry in EC and Member State Economies
Industry Structure
Factors of Production and Technological Change
Performance of the EC Clothing Industry
Chapter 2: The EC clothing market
Market Size: EC and Member States
Determinants of Demand
Chapter 3: The international environment
Export Specialisation by Member State
Intra-EC Trade
Extra-EC Trade
EC and International Competitiveness
EC Trade Policy
Chapter 4: Current developments and industrial restructuring
Introduction The Heritage of a Restructured Industry
Strategies of EC Clothing Firms in the 1980s
Future Developments
Chapter 5: Completion of the single European market
Internal Impact
External Impact
Effect on Industry Structures
EC Brite Programme
Chapter 6: Restructuring in France, Italy, West Germany and the UK
West Germany
The UK
Chapter 7: Restructuring in Spain, Portugal and Greece
Chapter 8: Restructuring in Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Republic of Ireland
The Netherlands
Republic of Ireland
Chapter 9: Conclusions and future prospects
Forces for Change
The Challenge of Automation
Apparel Search Fashion Industry b2b Directory for the clothing industryThe Textile Industry and Apparel Industry Reports in this section have been developed and maintained by Textile Intelligence.
The Textile Industry and Apparel Industry Reports in this section have been developed and maintained by Textile Intelligence.

Textiles Intelligence is a provider of global business information to the international fibre, textile and apparel industry. The company was formed in 1992 as a spin-off from the Economist Intelligence Unit and has customers in more than 60 countries spread across five continents. Textiles Intelligence publishes Textile Outlook International six times a year and Technical Textile Markets every quarter. It also offers over 30 in-depth research reports covering global sectors such as man-made fibres and nonwovens, geographical regions such as South East Asia and Eastern Europe and topics such as internationalisation and sourcing.


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