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The printer that you select is dependent on the type of print job you require.  If you are planning to produce large quantities, you may wish to select a different manufacturer than you would if you were producing only a handful of garments.

Relatively Low Quantities:

Do you have a print job requirement for your small business or local sports team?  If you own a restaurant, landscaping business, electrician service, or are managing a fundraising event for your school, you may need a small quantity of printed t-shirts.  Local screen printers can often assist with your logo development as well as printing.  Printing facilities for your local printing needs are called Print Shops.

Larger Quantity Production:

Are you a clothing wholesaler, clothing store, or fashion designer, searching for a clothing factory to produce your printed t-shirts?

You can search for additional t-shirt printers at the Clothing Industry Directory or by using the search engine at the Clothing B2B

Generally t-shirt printers will provide the t-shirts in addition to doing the actual printing.  However, depending on the quantities that you plan to produce, you may wish to purchase your own blank tees and have the printing company only provide the service of printing.  If you are interested, you can check on pricing directly with the t-shirt suppliers.  Unless your quantities are very large, you will most likely not be able to purchase directly from a factory.  However, in the United States, you will find that there are many t-shirt wholesalers that can assist you.  When checking for price, please make sure to ask the weight of the t-shirts.  T-shirts are sold in various weights and if you are checking prices from more then one supplier, you want to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.  Make sure you quotes are based on the same weights, colors, fabric construction.  Keep in mind their will be a price difference between open end or ringspun qualities.  Also, when you get into the plus sizes such as XXL, you will generally find that the plus sizes will cost more then sizes up to XL.  Here are a few places to find t-shirt suppliers to consult.

Corporate Apparel

T-shirt Factories

Blank T-shirt Wholesalers

 If you work in the industry, you may want to review our Tips for T-shirt Printers page.

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