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So, I hear that you are a t-shirt printer.  That is pretty cool.  Do you own a large printing factory or do you own a small printing facility such as a local print shop?  Either way, we have a suggestion on how you can promote your business.

Please note that this is for clothing and textile printers only.  If your company does not print on fabric, please turn back now.  The information below is only for companies that are involved in the printing of apparel and textiles.

By the way, below is beneficial for apparel printers as well as related services.  For example, if your company sells textile printing machinery, printing inks, mesh for printing screens, squeegees, etc., you may find below to be helpful.

1) List your T-shirt Printing Factory on a Fashion Industry Directory:

Apparel Search:  Apparel Search is one of the internets leading apparel industry directories.  The site contains a section for printing on clothing.  If your company prints on clothing in either large or small quantities, you are welcome to list your business in the directory.  You can find the listing instructions at the Add Your Company section.

Clothing Industry Directory: The Clothing Industry Directory has a method for printers to list their companies.  On this site, you will find a clothing manufacturers section.  In that area, you will see that the site has an area to list garment printers.  In addition, if your company does not actual print clothing but you sell textile printing supplies or machinery, you are welcome to list your company.

You can find additional directories by searching the internet.  A good way to search is by using the engine at the Clothing B2B website.  That search feature will search the entire internet.

2) Publicize Your T-shirt Printing Business:

In addition to the directory services listed above, their are other ways to promote your print shop.  For example, you can present a press release for possible publication at the Fashion Newspaper or at the Apparel Search fashion articles section.  Both of those sections will generally publish your press release at no cost.  However, they do require that your release be well written and relevant to the fashion industry. 

If you want, you can possibly submit something to the fashion blog here on Apparel Search.

You should also get listed on local search engines such as Google Local for Business.

3)  Finding Good Employees

Has your printing business taken off.  It may be time to find experienced printers to join your team.  You can post job opportunities for textile printers at the Fashion Job Search website.  You can check the site now for the most current procedures for adding job listings.  You can visit the Fashion Job Search website.  That site also allows printing factories to list job opportunities.  However, that site does for sure require a small payment for listings.

4)  Looking for Blank T-shirts for Printing

In order for a t-shirt printer to print shirts, they obviously needs to have t-shirts...  Here are a few places to find tees in various weights, colors,  and fabric constructions.

Corporate Apparel

T-shirt Factories

Blank T-shirt Wholesalers

Well, if you own a t-shirt printing factory or you sell t-shirt printing supplies or equipment, I think your first stop should be the apparel printing section on the Apparel Search Directory.  If your business is not currently listed our directory, that should become your first priority.

Are you looking for t-shirt printers?

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