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Mode Media, Inc. (formerly Project Y, Glam Media) was a digital lifestyle media company.  On 15 September 2016, Mode Media abruptly shut down its operations.

Below is for historical reference:

According to Glam Media, Inc. they are one of the fastest growing women's fashion and entertainment web networks.'s combination of fashion and celebrity editorial, with embedded e-commerce and an immersive advertising experience, delivers on the promise of digital media and creates a standard that has long been speculated about, but not yet achieved through most online publishing platforms. creates the online equivalent of browsing through a favorite magazine- editorial, the hottest fashion blogs, with an interactive experience of quizzes, polls, e-commerce as well as video and user-generated content.

Glam Media began in late 2002, with a small team of people dedicated to fashion and the idea of building a leading fashion network.  They had asked themselves, "Why does the Web have a few large portals and content websites, while increasingly some of the most compelling content is targeted on indie publishers' websites and blogs or is user-generated?"  They then formulated a method to group together the content from various fashion blogs and fashion websites across the net into one central locations.   Fashion sites are drawn into the network by the appealing concept of having access to additional ad revenue.  In fact, the concept was so interesting, even Apparel Search has given the Glam Media advertising network a test in 2007.

Glam empowers publishers and content creators- from indie publishers to major traditional media companies- to reach their target audiences by helping monetize by focusing on the top brand advertisers that want to reach these audiences.

Glam is one of the first-generation "Web Hub." Unlike a portal that acts as a center point for all consumers to go to directly as a destination site, or an Advertising network that provides aggregate buying, Glam is unique because it works along with the massive changes that are happening today on the Web.

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