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What is glam fashion?  Is this term simply short for glamorous fashion?  Possibly the word glam is an acronym for something.  Perhaps, G.L.A.M. stands for Glamorous Luxurious Amazing Merchandise.  Well, I do not think so.  That would simply be a ridiculously silly acronym... (for those of your readers that are
international, an
acronym is an abbreviation that is formed using the initial components in a phrase or name).  Anyway, in my opinion glam is sort of a slang term for glamorous and or trendy.  As a matter of fact, it may be synonymous for cool fashion, fresh fashion, on trend fashion etc.
Here are some examples of glam being used in a sentence...  "Wow man, you are truly looking glam in that outfit"...  Or possibly, "your shoes are on the money and your jacket is really glam".  Hey, here is one more... "your girl friend is certainly looking glam in those boots, do you mind if I ask her to dance?".
Recently, I have noticed that fashion blogs enjoy using the word glam.  Blog writers also appear to be hooked on the word Fashionista.  That is another slang word, but we can discuss that another time...

Did you know that their is evening a company that has recently named themselves Glam Media.

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By the way, "hot damn, you are sure looking glam..."

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