Get Money Girl by Shanny Herrera     Fashion News Article Posted May 2, 2006

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"New Urban line hits the streets hard! offering the fashion community a first peak"

Get Money Girl by Shanny Herrera
Harlem - NY, The crystal money logo could only symbolize one thing when introducing designer/entrepreneur Shanny Herrera; SUCCESS! But for this street couture designer, it could only mean, that the Feminine dollar sign logo she created has exuded money power & respect throughout the industry. The Logo is easily recognized and so is Shanny's accomplishments.  For the past two decades "shanny" has been involved in the core aspect of the Garment Industry, from developing brands to creating opportunities for new businesses to flourish.  When the Industry announces a new brand, its no surprise a celebrity's name is behind it.  But who manages the day to day operations? who decides to play name tag?. 
In 1985 Shanny Herrera joined Comet International, Inc, the outerwear company who roster increased once Shanny introduced the streets.  Her initial position was as an administrative assistant, where her opportunities to learn the business was abundant.  Growing from an hourly employee to a position concentrating on several aspects of Comet's business, gave her room to expand her knowledge of the market.  Shanny managed to assist Comet with their major urban license properties.  In no time Sir Benni Miles, Wu Wear and Phatfarm was added to Comet's roster. One urban company stood out from all the rest and Shanny saw the niche to invest in in its success.  In 1998 Shanny brokered the partnership deal between Comet and Damon Dash and Jay Z of Rocafella Records,  This entity soon became known as ROCAWEAR, which grew in the first eighteen months of business to 80 million dollars in volume.  Shanny was in charge of bringing the brand and image it represented to the fore front of the urban market. 
Get Money Girl, is the premiere urban women's apparel, its sexy yet sophisticated look, defines the young vibrant edgy female illuminating first class style. Shanny, who is best known for her street feminism, chose to partner with RJM2 to launch her new label because just like her street knowledge, " The clothes are tailored to fit an active but well posed, self-directed, savvy women lifestyle", she said.  Get Money Girl by Shanny Herrera, which features comfortable tailored pieces exuding both femininity and confidence, looks great with the diamond studded money logo.  The military influenced pieces, represents the soul of the streets, creating that power and respect.  Shanny's signature t shirt pieces has since received tremendous feedback from the attendees at Magic, as well.  Many unsolicited calls have come into the production offices of Get Money Girl from people interested in carrying the many unique styles. when asked Shanny How she felt of her new profound business, she said " I'm excited, yet it's still a struggle to maintain on top".
Get Money Girl, is street couture at its best!


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