Gen Art presents The New Garde - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kickoff, April 2007  
Fashion Article Posted March 20, 2007

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According to Booth Moore, fashion critic for The LA Times, attending GenArt's New Garde installation show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is an opportunity to witness emerging talent bubble up towards the surface.
It's like throwing the dice, added her husband Adam Tischorn, offering a more macho analogy (he's a former DNR dude after all).  A speculative crapshoot really, where everything is cast onto the fashion table for peer and industry review.
Last night Alms, Hazel Brown and Mintee comprised the three new contenders placing bets against the house.  Presentations were slick, sophisticated and sexy.  Meanwhile onlookers from the media, publicity and early adopter communities mingled with corporate sponsors, chugged free booze and flashed digital cameras at the ornate Keith Greco-designed sets.  For the starmakers (and frankly in LA who isn't?), there were interactive photo booths by Acura and Uberstyle.
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Gen Art presents The New Garde - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kickoff - April 2007  

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Submitted by Debra Stevenson, West Coast Bureau Chief for Apparel Search. Debra tracks and comments on West Coast fashion, art and culture for Apparel Search and authors Trend Agitator, an insider's guide to lifestyle trends and market strategy. Got an insider tip or want to know how global trends can impact your business? Email us.

Gen Art presents The New Garde - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kickoff, April 2007

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