JeTalia Introduces a Jewelry Line Worth its Weight in Gold
Fashion Article Posted April 8th, 2007


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Designer, Sarena Traver offers a stunning and unique interpretation of jewelry design with the debut of her fine jewelry line
JeTalia. With a belief that jewelry is a statement of a woman's personality, each of Traver's pieces are meant to evoke the strength, beauty and individuality of the women they adorn.

Working with 18-karat yellow and palladium white gold, luminous pearls and radiant diamonds, these JeTalia designs are an exquisite and breathtaking addition to the world of fine jewelry. This season, each of the collections from JeTalia are rife with flowing, feminine shapes.

The Cage Collection The spinning ring and necklace with rolling pearls found in the Cage Collection conjure a provocative and flirtatious feel while the Cage hoop earrings offer a classic elegance.

The Synchro Collection Delicately dusted with diamonds, the Synchro Collection combines textures from a high polish to a satin finish creating a perfect symmetry between beauty and mystery.

The Apex Collection The sensual curving lines of the Apex Collection command attention while the sliding pearls add a whimsical appeal, creating a look that is both fresh and bold.

The T2 Collection With its sleek lines the T2 Collection casts an evocative spell, balancing 18K gold, sparkling diamonds and lustrous pearls that radiate with every move.

Able to take you from day to night, from casual to dressy with style and ease, it is the versatility of these timeless pieces that will ensure they won't see the inside of a jewelry box for decades to come.

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