Toray Ultrasuede Announces Major Branding Initiative New Certification Mark to Enhance Awareness of Ultrasuede

Fashion Article Posted May 5, 2007

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Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc. recently announced a major branding initiative designed to raise the profile of Ultrasuede and differentiate the original luxury microfiber brand from the inferior faux-suede fabrics currently on the market.  The cornerstone of this initiative is the introduction of an Ultrasuede certification mark a  graphically bold single U that the company's customers in the fashion, furniture and transportation industries will be required to include on all finished goods.  In addition, a quadruplicate execution of the certification mark will accompany the classic Ultrasuede logo in all communications from the company, and the Quad U will also be used by fabric wholesalers and retailers.

The introduction of the certification mark is part of an ambitious new program to build awareness for the Ultrasuede brand among consumers as well as in each of TUA's key client industries.  According to TUA Executive Director Des McLaughlin, when Ultrasuede launched in America, it was the first and only microfiber fabric with the look and feel of suede, but offering all of the advantages of modern technology rich colors, breathability, ease of care and durability.  Because of its uniqueness, tremendous brand equity was built over time.  But as other superficially similar fabrics entered the marketplace, both consumers and industry decision-makers became confused.  Today, many people think of Ultrasuede as the generic name for a category rather than the category-leading brand it actually is.

To counter this misconception, TUA is requiring manufacturers of finished goods with a majority percentage of Ultrasuede to display the certification mark on a label or hang tag.  Given the wide range of products that feature the fabric, consumers can expect to find the Ultrasuede U on items ranging from fashion to footwear, accessories to furniture, wall coverings to headliners of airplanes, yachts and motor coaches.  TUA customers who do not manufacture finished goods but re-sell Ultrasuede fabric will be asked to use the Quad U in their marketing materials, including color cards, ring sets, point-of-sale materials and Web sites.

The new certification mark is just one of many initiatives that TUA is currently undertaking to enhance awareness of the Ultrasuede brand.  In February 2007, the company made its debut appearance at MAGIC, the premier fashion industry trade show, with an Ultrasuede Lounge showcasing the full range of products made with Ultrasuede.  In September, TUA will create a comparable environment at High Point, the furniture industry's foremost event.  And TUA is also looking into developing a luxury private-label finished goods line. 

Says McLaughlin, Ultrasuede is the rare luxury lifestyle brand that consumers experience 24 hours a day, from the clothes they wear to the transportation they take to the furniture they sit on.  By introducing a recognizable symbol of the brand, we are driving home this point and recapturing the equity that Ultrasuede deserves.  We fully expect that our current customers, future customers and consumers themselves will seek out the Ultrasuede U as a guarantee of superior quality.

About Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc.

TUA is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, a $13 billion multinational company which is the worldwide leader in advanced ultra-microfiber technology and the inventor of the first ultra-microfiber. Ultrasuede is a registered trademark of Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc.

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