Pierce Mattie PR Offers Tips on How to Get Exposure for Your Product During Prom Season
Fashion Article Posted April 10, 2008 

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Written by Shannon Nelson for Pierce Mattie Public Relations

Prom season is upon us again and as this billion dollar industry continues its surge in growth and popularity, many brands are often wondering how to reach out to the teen market and get exposure for their product. Teens are becoming savvier and demanding more than just being told the latest trends, so Pierce Mattie PR  a leader in effectively utilizing both traditional and new media for brand awareness, has compiled a list of tips that goes beyond trend forecasting with advice on how to get exposure for your brand during this momentous time of year.

1.       Target long lead glossy magazines. In order to have your product considered for editorial in any of the teen-specific magazines, you must send your press release to the editors 3-4 months in advance.  Editors are overwhelmed with product pitches daily, so make yours short & sweet and copy in an image of the product that you want to capture their attention with. Hot Prom Magazines: Prom, Your Prom, Seventeen Prom, Cosmogirl! Prom, Teen Prom.

2.       Create buzz that drives teens to your website with a unique angle or spin. A fantastic example is Duck Brand Duct Tape's Stuck at Prom contest (www.ducktapeclub.com/contests/prom). Duck Brand Duct Tape came up with the unique idea to let creative teens design their prom attire and accessories completely out of Duck Brand Duct Tape for a chance to win a scholarship and money for their school. The result? Amazingly innovative prom gowns and tuxes that resemble realistic theater-looking attire. Duct Brand took a product that may have not otherwise been associated with Prom and presented it in a way that got teens excited, interested and spreading the word about the brand.

3.       Offer prom advice. This opens the door for just about anyone to enter the Prom arena. Whether you are a dermatologist, a hair stylist, Prom gown and accessory brand such as Jovani or Alyce Designs, makeup artist or relationship expert, teens are always looking for advice and tips on everything from taking care of their skin leading up to prom, having the gown, hair style, accessories and details that best suits their personality to Prom date advice. Whether you host the advice on your own website, promote it to online communities whose readership is the teen demographic or offer yourself up to the media as an expert, getting your name out there as a trusted source for Prom advice will drive traffic to your website and improve your brand awareness. www.PromAdvice.com, an extension of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, is a great point of reference to start. Websites with great Prom advice: Promgirl.net, Sydney's Closet, ThePromSite.com, PromSpot.com

4.       Go multi-media. Nothing adds more depth and dimension to your brand's website than video or adding a podcast. Uploading the video to sites like You Tube and Revver and taking your podcast to iTunes can also help your Prom angle go viral. Multi-media brings your product to life and allows teens to use it as content on their blogs and social networking sites thus making your brand's exposure more expansive. Using multi-media doesn't have to be expensive, it can be as simple as using your computer or video camera to generate a media worthy product. Hot Prom sites that use multi-media: Loralie, Dresses , TJ Formal, Party Dress Express,  Serendipity Prom .    

5.       Seek out high school dot com prom sites. Many high schools are beginning to host their own prom website to give students up to date information about prom and after prom details.  Contacting the school webmaster with your prom advice, contest, video or direct advertisement for their website will help bring targeted attention to your brand. Most school districts are strapped for cash these days due to educational budget cuts, so your direct ad may be a welcomed addition.

Pierce Mattie Public Relations team of innovative and knowledgeable Account Executives work hard to promote the brands they represent with unique and ground-breaking ideas that capture attention and stimulate buzz. To learn more about what Pierce Mattie can do for your brand visit www.piercemattie.com or call 212-243-1431 (NY) or 323-469-5500 (LA).

About Pierce Mattie Public Relations:  Launched in 2001 by wellness lifestyle editor and expert Pierce Mattie, Pierce Mattie PR remains the industry leader in communications for luxury beauty, fashion, health and fitness brands alike with growing divisions in home furnishings and fine jewelry. With offices located bi-coastally in New York and Los Angeles, Pierce Mattie PR has their hand on the pulse of the industry and has the capabilities of securing national and regional press for their clients. 

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