David Tishbi Jewelry : Thinking Green is the New Black
Fashion Article Posted September 11, 2008 

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With the emergence of environmentally conscious alternatives becoming commonplace within the average American household, thinking green has become somewhat of a fashionable concept. Following suit, David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry, an international jewelry company located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, has taken aim at a particular green cause that hits relatively close to home.

 In 2005, nearly 300,000 New Orleanians were displaced from their residences by Hurricane Katrina, most of which left searching for a place to simply land on their feet. One particular refugee, Eddie Simon, eventually found that place and then some after meeting David Tishbi for the first time. Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, Simon was hired by the ever growing company, and managed to share his story with the designer. Subsequently, David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry has become an important advocate in the promotion of awareness as to what continues to take place environmentally along the Gulf Coast. The company has recently pledged to donate a portion of its proceeds to the American Wetlands Foundation, a charitable organization devoted to the redevelopment and protection of regions wetlands. Serving as a vital land barrier from hurricanes such as Katrina, the wetlands surrounding the New Orleans area have been depleting at an alarming rate of 25 square miles per year.

In conjunction with its latest environmental efforts, David Tishbi has launched an exciting fall line of uniquely organic jewelry. Using earth tones and a variety of leaf prints, these new pieces evoke a rich warmth, complimenting the avant garde flair that is present throughout the entire collection.

David Tishbi is a recognized international designer in the handcrafted jewelry industry. To view these new items, visit www.davidtishbi.com. For all questions, visit the
page, or contact a David Tishbi representative at 1.877.DTISHBI.

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