Fashion Business Formula New Site Helps Aspiring Fashion Designers
Fashion Article Posted April 9, 2009

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A new membership site has been set up to help all those aspiring fashion designers who would love to start a fashion design business, or clothing line, working at home.

In most cases, many potential designers dismiss their dream of running a fashion business for some of the following reasons - lack of confidence, no fashion education, and a great shortage of funds to get started.

The Fashion Business Formula - can address this problem.  It is a membership site which will be based around the concept of breaking down the elements of the fashion industry with easy to manage, weekly lessons and assignments. 

These lessons will develop, over a few months, into the creation of a fashion business and include the full fashion business plan which will eventually be required for the progression to a successful fashion business.

AnneMarie Callan started her own fashion design business from her kitchen table.  She had no formal fashion education, no business experience and a definite lack of financial resources.  It was her determination and tenacity which ensured that her dream of owning her own fashion business came to fruition.  

Now, her goal is to motivate everyone with a dream of starting a fashion business to fulfill their ambitions.

The membership website for the Fashion Business Formula is

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