Fashion Changes Season with Forward Global Trade Show
Fashion Article Posted October 20, 2009

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The Forward Global Trade Show, an online interactive e-commerce Web site, is revolutionizing the way fashion designers reveal their products and buyers make their purchases.

Specializing in showcasing avant-garde and contemporary trends, the site hosts a two-day virtual show that provides previously unattainable powerful networking opportunities, makes way for strategic season forecasting, and unleashes access into fashion design studios all over the world.

The fashion industry is changing, says Kele Meenan, Forward Global Trade Show founder and president, citing a recent Los Angeles Times article that reported on the tired and dying tradition of buyers and consumers waiting two seasons after runway shows to see the clothes on the rack. 

Designers and industry trendsetters want to bring their styles to market fast, and buyers want to get them while they're hot.  This is the first-of-its-kind forum to do so.
The Forward Global Trade Show puts 300 vendors, plus industry experts and buyers, under one roof to deliver every aspect of a physical fashion trade show. Vendors will feature their wares in easily customizable virtual exhibit hall web-stands that may include video of their runway shows or other real-life modeling. They can invite their own attendees, as well as see who visited their web-stands, how long they stayed, and how they like to be serviced. Buyers can place orders in vendors web-stands with a click. The first Forward Global Trade Show will run March 2 and 3, 2010.

All in attendance'sellers, buyers or special guests can communicate with one another via chat sessions, one-on-one instant messaging, video conferencing and blogs, with some communications in five different languages.

In addition to bringing styles to market quickly, all parties enjoy the benefits of a trade show without the hassles, time and expense of traveling to a live event.  Designers don't have to haul clothing to an exhibit hall and create pricey and elaborate displays; instead of shuffling through crowded aisles to find what they're looking for, buyers can select fashions they want to see sorted by style, price point and more. 

Founder Meenan says the Forward Global Trade Show is her way to give back something special to the industry, lowering the price to do business and raising the level of convenience. 

With this virtual trade show, everybody has a voice, she says.  This is the first and only platform that helps vendors showcase their goods and bring the latest fashions to market quickly, productively and cost-effectively.

About The Forward Global Trade Show

The Forward Global Trade Show is an online interactive trade show that brings together fashion industry leaders, designers and buyers. This two-day event features special exhibitions, virtual exhibit halls with vendor web-stands, real-time communications and online commerce opportunities.  The trade show is the first of its kind and represents a shift in the fashion industry toward direct and immediate marketing.  More information can be found at

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