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Fashion Article Posted April 29, 2011


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Barneys New York The Window is Barneys site on all things fashion.  Not sure if it would officially be termed a blog, webzine, or online fashion magazine.  Either way, The Window is a well done resource for learning more about fashion, jewelry, beauty and more.  This luxury fashion retailer has taken style and creativity to the next step.  If you have not already done so, Apparel Search suggests that you check out The Window from Barneys New York.

As many visitors to New York can tell you, Barneys New York has long been famed for its spectacular window displays.  As Barneys enters a new chapter with their online fashion experience, its windows will continue to delight and surprise New Yorkers and visitors alike.  Now, we all have the opportunity to learn about fashion from the Barneys Store Windows (actual window dispalys), and also from the online resource The Window.

Learn more about Barneys from the official Barneys New York website or learn more about Barneys New York here on Apparel Search.

From The Window you will find the following stylish categories and more:

The Window News
The Window Shoes
The Window Women's Fashion
The Window Men's Fashion
The Window Jewelry
The Window Accessories
The Window Beauty
The Window Culture
The Window Personalities

You may want to also learn more about fashion store windows and join in the discussions at the Fashion Store Window group at the Fashion Industry Network.  You can also learn more about the meaning of a fashion window.

With all of the excitement of learning about The Window, please do not forget to shop at Barneys.

Read more Barneys New York fashion news at the Fashion Newspaper.  You can also read more articles here on Apparel Search.

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Fashion Shopping Article Posted February 16, 2011

If you are interested, you can learn more about luxury fashion and luxury fashion retailers at the fashion brand directory website.

The Window helps define luxury.

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