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Cortney April or March 2009: fashion window displaySome people say that the "eyes" are the windows to the soul.  In the fashion industry, it is not necessarily the eyes, but the actual window that is important.  Although I do not know this for a fact, it is very possible that the windows convey the soul of a clothing store.  Obviously, I am not talking about the small windows on the side of a store that provide a nice cross breeze in the summer.  I am referring to the large windows at the front of the store.  The windows that most fine retailers use as a featured display area.  This space is referred to (by me) as a Fashion Window.

Many fashion boutiques use their own employees to create window displays.  However, many fashion retailers and department stores will hire professional window dressers.  Due to the fact that the store window can leave a first impression, it is important that the window display is merchandised and laid out properly.  It is easy for the untrained professional to make a devastating mistake.  Certainly, the fashion world has seen magnificent fashion windows, but the world has also seen its share of hideously merchandised displays.

The professionals that work to make a fashion window beautiful are typically referenced as Window Dressers.  They are also called merchandise displayers, visual merchandisers and a handful of other names... If they do a poor job, they are called many things that I do not care to mention in the article.  Although Apparel Search does not currently own a clothing store, we certainly would use a professional Window Dresser to trim our window (when I say "trim our window", I mean they would work their magic to create a display in the store window).

Merchandise displayers and window dressers, or visual merchandisers, plan and erect commercial displays, such as those in windows as well as interiors of retail stores or at trade exhibitions.  Basically, they are not limited to only working on the fashion window displays.  Those who design store interiors outfit store departments, arrange table displays, and dress mannequins.  In large retail chains such as department stores, store layouts typically are designed corporately, through a central design department.  This is done to retain the chainís visual identity and ensure that a particular image or theme is promoted in each store.

In regard to the store windows, the department stores do not necessarily maintain a consistent visual display at each store location.  Depending on the store, they may provide a particular location with more attention.  For example, the Macy's on 34th Street in New York City gets significantly more attention from the window designers then a Macy's store in a smaller city or town.

If you wish to become a designer of window displays, you can contact a fashion school to find out which courses are most appropriate for this career focus.

If you are a window dresser, please join us for discussions at the Fashion Industry Network.  You can join the fashion store window group.


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