PFAFF Ambition Sewing Requires Precision
Fashion Article Posted May 24, 2011

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No question about it, sewing requires precision. That's why, when developing the new ambition™ line, PFAFF paid extra attention to the details to assure you that you cannot find a more compelling feature set on a computerized sewing machine in this price range anywhere.

PFAFF Ambition Sewing Machines
And the difference? Well, as you've already figured out, it's in the details.
Details that matter, such as being able to see what you're doing, thanks to the high resolution touch screen (1.5 model) and the three bright lights illuminating the sewing area. Or the fact that you can say goodbye to uneven feeding with the built-in precision of the PFAFF® original IDT™ technology. Then there is the exceptional 200 mm space to the right of the needle, allowing you to place more fabric and work more comfortably than ever. Details? Sure. But in the precision art of sewing, they make all the difference in the world.

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