Snapper Rock Children's Swimwear Brand
Fashion Article Posted July 17, 2012


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What happens when you combine fish, flowers and swimwear? Pure magic - especially when it comes to Snapper Rock's latest introductions for their 2012-2013 children's UV 50+ swimwear line.


Textile Designer Victoria Larson has teamed with Snapper Rock founder Liz Eglinton (Auckland, NZ) and Global Sales Director Julie Rich (Annapolis, MD) to bring her unique and exclusive designs to their children's swimwear line, including School O' Fish boardies for the boys and Hibiscus suits for the girls.


Snapper Rock UV50+ Swim Wear originated in New Zealand and has become one of the world's leading protective swim-wear brands for children newborn to 12+ years old. Their origins began in the junior sailing market and now reach children around the world.


Snapper Rock Girls Swimwear   Snapper Rock Boys Swimwear Brand


Larson, based in Annapolis, Maryland, is known for her whimsical, playful and bold designs on fabrics for the home. She launched her eponymous line, Victoria-Larson Textiles, in 2011. The current collection is the culmination of the Victoria's adventures. Influenced by travel and inspired by earth and sea, designs are translated onto all-natural fabrics and pillows for others to love. Graceful simplicity, modern designs, responsible to the earth -- each pattern has a story. The full collection can be viewed at


"My children inherited my fair skin so I always kept them covered in Snapper Rock," says Larson, "so I know the brand well". After living in Auckland, NZ, with her family where the sun is intense, I learned a lot about sun smarts. Plus I'm a skin cancer survivor, so sun protection for my family is a priority. I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Snapper Rock."


"Victoria's designs really suited our style," says Eglinton, the line's Founder. "Our line is protective first but we make sure that our designs are fun and stylish - something that children want to wear. We love the idea of having prints that are all our own and you won't see them on any other suit."


Snapper Rock swimwear blocks 98 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The latest fabric technologies and design innovations create gear that not only looks great but protects children on and off the water. The collection of stylish and fun UV50+ prints and patterns includes baby one-piece sun suits, girls swim sets, board shorts, rash tops, kaftans and hats. Snapper Rock has become a lifestyle that all kids love!


Visit the website to see the schedule of upcoming trade shows and be the first to see the fantastic new collection of swimwear, after sun wear and accessories!

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