Playtex Intimate Apparel Gives Women a Lift (and a Laugh) with "Girl Talk"
Clothes Shopping Article Posted September 6, 2007

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intimate apparel, America's most trusted bra brand, announced today the launch of an innovative and expressive advertising and marketing campaign called "Girl Talk," in which confident women talk about their breasts often euphemistically as "the girls" and the quest for finding a well-fitting bra that keeps the girls happy.

"Our new campaign harkens back to our innovative marketing roots when Playtex intimate apparel was the first bra brand to advertise nationally on televisionback in 1954and did so with a great-fitting bra and a touch of humor," said Vicki Seawright, marketing director for Playtex intimate apparel. "Flash forward to 2007 and you see Playtex intimate apparel at the forefront of bringing to life what women honestly say about their bras and breasts."

The multimillion-dollar Girl Talk campaign, one of the largest marketing endeavors in the brand's history, launches Sept. 3 and will support the Playtex 18 Hour and Playtex Secrets product lines. The multidimensional marketing campaign will include television, online and print advertising, as well as Internet-based social networking and Web site initiatives.

The Playtex Girl Talk campaign takes a fun, honest and irreverent approach to women's everyday bra-fitting challenges - using dialogue and expressions straight from real women - and provides solutions with Playtex products, known as the gold standard for great-fitting bras

"This new approach brings to life candid conversations of women and will engage women in a dialogue they can relate to through a variety of channels," Seawright said. "Our priority was to capture the realness of 'girl talk,' and we devoted a year of marketing research with women for this campaign. We uncovered that women of all shapes and sizes talk about their bras and breasts in funny, witty and candid ways. That was the strategic underpinning for developing the Girl Talk campaign and underscoring the diversity of our Playtex bras to fit the many needs of real women."

Bra Banter and Campaign Highlights

The multifaceted campaign aligns television, print and online advertising with social networking and a revitalized, new look to the brands popular Web site that will debut on September 3. Playtex intimate apparel will bring the campaign's woman-to-woman dialogue to life at a destination specifically created to foster bra banter.

Examples of bra banter that emerged during Playtex's market research and made it into the Girl Talk campaign include: "Gravity is no longer my enemy, but brownies are" and "Wearing a bra shouldn't be punishment." And one woman remarked that she often has to remind men during conversation, "Eyes up here."

The revitalized website,, includes interactive and viral extensions such as:

  • The opportunity to share personalized bra banter by submitting a line about bras and breasts like those featured in the ads
  • Voting for favorite lines submitted by others that could be highlighted in future executions of the campaign
  • Perking up someone's day by sending them a "Girl Talk" e-card
  • BYOB "Bring your own bras" into the conversation by submitting videos of personal bra stories
  • Get the fit right by consulting with Roz, the site's virtual bra fitter

In addition Playtex intimate apparel will utilize YouTube and American Greetings online channels to promote the Web site's interactive functions to women who are active in social networking communities. The brand also will execute a series of online advertisements through mid-december.

The advertising campaign, created by Kraftworks LTD of New York City, will run into December. Multiple versions of TV spots, separately highlighting the Playtex 18 Hour and Playtex Secrets, will be strategically placed during morning and daytime network and cable programming. Print advertisements will begin to hit various women's lifestyle and fashion magazines in September.

Playtex Products for All Shapes and Sizes

Playtex intimate apparel supports women with fit solutions for their changing needs throughout her lifetime, from a woman's first bra to after her first child and beyond. Now available at retail stores, the Playtex 18 Hour Comfort Lace with Breathable Airform and Playtex Secrets Seamless Shaping Underwire bras featured in the ads ensure that women don't have to compromise style for a well-fitting bra. Combining innovative technology, such as breathable Airform fabric, Stop the Slip straps and micro-thin stretch foam cups, with contemporary styling, Playtex intimate apparel provides real fit solutions for real women. The new campaign further exemplifies why no one knows women like Playtex intimate apparel.

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