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Fashion Shopping News Article Posted October 28, 2009


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 Women's Apparel >> Women's Fashion  >>  Apparel, an online women's clothing retailer, launched its innovative Be the Buyer feature Monday evening, which encourages customer participation in the buying process. Be the Buyer allows customers to be virtual members of ModCloth's fashion buying team, and invites them to vote on potential clothing designs. ModCloth will showcase these designs on their site, and using a 'Pick It' button, shoppers can vote for their favorites. If a style gets enough votes, the design will be produced and sold by ModCloth, and participants will be notified via email. This means that within a few weeks of voting, participants might be wearing a design they chose!

Susan Gregg Koger, co-founder of ModCloth, is a big believer in fashion democratization
she thinks everyone should have a chance to participate in the fashion industry. "Our customers know our brand the best," says Susan. "They're trendsetters, and we really want to take this opportunity to listen to them, and produce and sell items that they want to see on our site."

This isn't the only way that ModCloth involves their shoppers - periodically they invite customers to become fashion writers through their Name It and Win It contests, and features on their website, like reviews and ratings, equal even more involvement. Susan thought it would be wonderful for ModLovers everywhere to get a chance to become a virtual buyer. Hence, ModCloth's Be the Buyer was born.

Be the Buyer also gives designers the opportunity to give their unique designs a second chance, by featuring items that wouldn't otherwise be sold. It's important to ModCloth to promote the growth of new and emerging designers, and this is just another way to facilitate this.

Find all the Be the Buyer items at and start voting today.

About is an e-retailer that sells affordable independent designer women's fashion. They've attracted a large devoted following through their unique selection of indie clothing and engaging promotions on the ModLife Blog ( and social networks. The company is founded by husband and wife team Eric and Susan Gregg Koger.

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