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Apparel Technology Article Posted November 12, 2007


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Centricity strategic Marketing Inc. announced the launch of fashionistas a global social networking web portal and next-generation community for fashion with url

Fashionistas  is a fashion-centric online social networking web 2.0 website dedicated to providing passionate fashionistas a free, one-stop communications platform that gives the ability to network with fashion enthusiasts globally while keeping up to date on the events in the fashion world.

Fashionistas mission is to reinvent the way that we connect with fashion.  Its purpose is to keep the fashion community connected, stay relevant, and more importantly, allow you to do what you want through the various tools offered by the website. The overall goal for the site is to foster a sense of community.

Fashionistas is a place where the people who really love fashion, both industry including together fashion editors,  publishers, bloggers, designers, stylists, photographers, models, and consumers, can get together, discover new things, throw around ideas, and show off their work.  Most importantly they are building a place that will really change the world of fashion; they will set trends, they will end trends, and really redefine what it is to be fashionable.

Fashionistas allows each member to list their interests in fashion and through member profile pages one will be able to connect and collaborate to share their  passions with other members of the network.  Each user will have their own unique fashionistas url at  the pages are easy to create and easy to maintain.  Their social networking has been developed with the user in mind. Through your profile page you will be able to connect and collaborate to share your passions with other members of the network.

Fashionistas profiles for members include the ability to:

-    Write blogs
-    Member profile photos in their most fashionable attire
-    Send private messages to other members
-    Manage various events
-    fashion related discussions through the development of groups and discussion boards

Members can contribute, promote and share with the world through their  member  profile page, they can upload images, video, blogs, anything in the world of fashion and beyond that they  think is cool and would like to share with the world plus a few other new functions they prefer to keep top secret for now.

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