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Protective wool, dominant black and splashes of metallic color

Winter 2010/11 focuses on familiar, authentic values that offer a sense of security. Wool in various forms and combinations hangs softly, feels wonderful and provides functional protection. Black makes a strong showing and experiments with exciting materials. Shiny, metallic fabrics and fruity or pastel hues add contrasting touches and lift the spirits.


In a world where we do not know what is next, there is a growing desire for authenticity, high quality classics and a sense of security. Therefore, natural materials therefore dominate in Winter 2010/11
above all wool, with its comforting warmth and security. In the classic colors of red and black, the bi-elastic, moss-structured wool crepes feel dry to the touch but form soft, protective wrappings. For example, as schoeller
-wB-400-soft-shell fashioned into softly hanging jackets with wide raglan sleeves in a retro look or as the somewhat more sporty schoeller-shape variation with herringbone and c_changeclimate membrane, which provides protection against wind and weather while remaining deliciously soft.


Traditional woolen fabrics are also making a comeback in compact loden styles. Soft and fleecy, they feel wonderful and hang beautifully. Available in brown, green and grey natural tones; they always remain utterly functional, for example as schoeller-shape fabrics with c_change in a melange of tones or as schoeller-wB-400 with new bi-elastic wool and the familiar soft-shell comfort. The chic trench coat is, as ever, a perennial favorite. The high quality finish of the two-tone Karo raincoat is typical of the diagonal weave stretch schoeller-shape wool mix with c_change, complete with matte, yet shiny effects on dark anthracite or black.


Black dominates the winter and mutates with a bit of color. Predominantly enlivened by distinctive reliefs and always combined with a variety of exciting materials. The three dimensional woven structure gives a matte, velvety effect, achieved by embossing the schoeller-shape jacket fabric. In contrast, the embossed printing on the impregnated cotton-polyester blend with coldblackfinish looks and feels like leather. The dark, iridescent metallic tones of the matelassfabric, with its quilted appearance and c_changetechnology, provide a discreet shine. Black Lurex thread with the c_changefinish lends a high quality sheen to the matte black cloqu
, always creating a showy, new look.

Denim satisfies the need for reliability and casualness in both its genuineness and its look. Available for neat, dark jeans in a diagonal weave stretch schoeller-shape cotton-polyamide blend with a pleasantly cooling coldblack finish or with an unobtrusive, distressed-effect with glossy coating in black on black or with a Lurex silver effect on dark grey denim giving new life and structure to an old classic.


The matt, stretch cotton-satins simply ooze softness and warmth with their comfortable silicone finish in burnt caramel tones. The navy blue Mackintosh version in a bonded, diagonal weave stretch schoeller-wB-400 satin is wind and waterproof and feels lovely inside thanks to its fleecy black lining. Other satins play a double role in brown-orange or navy-black color combinations.


These fascinating, eye-catching pieces with the new, two-ply c_change membrane are more than a match for any downpour. One option is schoeller-styltec with a glossy honeycomb look in fruity pink, light beige or stone grey. Also available in a matte, mutedschoeller-spirit Ripstop in delicate lilac or beige; or with semi-transparent, fine crinkle structure in black or white. The extremely air-permeable climate membrane c_change fabric offers reliable wind and weather protection with excellent breathability. Equally cheerful in its reliable waterproofing is the transparent, shimmering Ripstop polyamide fabric in light pink or stone grey.


Metallic tones are enjoying a confident revival and promise to lend new sparkle to the future. Vital and fresh, the many colors of the latest schoeller-spirit metallic interpretations bring life and movement to a somewhat reserved world. For example, with a new pink metal thread, a softly hanging crinkle-used look, the gleam of deep gold hues or the brightness of trendy lime tones.


The bonded schoeller-spirit metallic fabric has a rather more intimate and reserved interplay with the light. With its matte, papery look and muted grey and brown tones, it almost has a Japanese feel to it. The smooth, soft satin in warm metallic tones has a gentle silvery sheen, while the flamboyant schoeller-spirit with silver Lurex threads and reverse coating shimmers in shoes, bags or inserts, catching the eye with its multi-facetted metallic angles. In addition, and not to be overlooked, is the new three-dimensional, reflective Retro-glow fabric with its embossed woven structure.


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