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  DaRiMi Kidz : Offering a colorful line of sun-protective swimsuits and hats. Also carries Outlook stroller shades.  They provide Australian beach fashion for babies, children and teens through their brands Sun Busters and Seafolly Girl.

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  Lion in the Sun :  Lion in the Sun is a British company founded by Cristina and Paul Sanders in1999 and based in Guildford, England. They also have a customer service office in Upper New York State to help American and Canadian customers. Cristina, a native of New Zealand, is the managing director and takes direct responsibility for design, product development and marketing. Her husband Paul, a chartered accountant and originally from Canada, is finance director and company secretary. The purpose of the company is to supply high quality, fashionable sun protective swimwear to the world market. They have commissioned a unique range of designer fabric prints: 'Denim Tattoo', 'Silver Hook', 'Graffiti', 'Nerine' and 'Eden" for a distinctive look. Lion in the Sun also offers swimwear in a number of bold, highly visible colors. The range has been designed so that consumers can easily coordinate all items across the range of products. Selling a line of UV protective swimwear, swim diapers, sun hats, and beach accessories for children and teens.

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  Little Red Fish : Swimwear with UV protection for babies and young children.  Stylish, quick-drying swim suits that offer high levels of UV protection Little Red Fish is a range of kid's swimwear offering protectection from the harmful effects of the sun's UV Radiation. Their UV swimwear, which has a UPF/sPF factor of 50+, is made from a beautiful high technology Italian milled matt nylon/lYCRA fabric, and has up to 4.5 times the chlorine resistance of ordinary elastane. All their sun protection swimsuits are manufactured in New Zealand, where for many years they have been living the effects of increased UV levels due to the hole in the ozone layer. The sun is so strong in New Zealand's summer that it is rare to see any babies, toddlers or children on the beach without a full UV suit in addition to high SPF sunscreen and hats.

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