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An Irish stepdance is a style of performance dance with its roots in traditional Irish dance. It is generally characterized by a stiff upper body and quick and precise movements of the feet. It can be performed solo or in groups.

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Irish Step Dancing Clothes Stores

  Antonio Pacelli: North London company producing Irish dance shoes and accessories for beginners and professional dancers. Shop online.

  Boyne Walk Ltd.: Main Menu: Irish Dance footwear manufacturer located in Dublin, Ireland.

  Dance Bling: DanceBling Irish Dance Solo Dresses, Irish Dance Skirts, rish dance Clothing.

  Dublin Dance Shop: Irish dance clothing. Specializing in all things Irish Dancing you can be sure of an experienced and friendly welcome.

  Fays Irish Dancing Shoes: Leaders in the manufacture of Quality Irish Dancing Shoes worldwide.

  Irish Dance Shoe Buyers Guide: Tips on selecting, fitting and buying Irish Dancing shoes. Irish Dance Shoes for Sale. News about new dance products.

  Irish Dancer's Catalogue: Elegant, embroidered Irish Dancing costumes for Solo and for schools including embroidered panels to make your own dress plus seamstress supplies.

  Irish Treasures: Store located in Mill Valley, CA. Irish dancing shoes, imported Celtic jewelry and other gifts.

  Keily's: supplier of Irish Dance Shoes and Accessories in the US. We are proud to carry Irish Dance shoes from Antonio Pacelli, Rutherford Shoes, Fays Irish Dancing Shoes, Corr's Irish Dance Shoes, Hullachan and a large selection of Irish Dance accessories and foot care.

  Steele Celtic Dancewear: Irish dance shoes and accessories in the US and Canada.

If you are really into dancing, you may also wish to review the available books about dance.

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