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A square dance is a dance for four couples (eight dancers in total) arranged in a square, with one couple on each side, facing the middle of the square.

  Brantley's Western Supply and Square Dance Apparel: Features square dance, round dance and western apparel including all accessories.  Brantley's Western Supply has been serving the Western Wear and Square Dance Apparel Industries since 1980. Their store is located in Rainsville, AL approximately 8 miles North of Interstate 59 on AL State Hwy 35.

  DoPaso Corner: Features Square, Round and Ballroom dance styles.  They are a full line retail shop providing Square, Round and Ballroom dancewear as well as Shoes, Belts, Bolo's, Tie Slides, Belt Buckles and other accessories. They stock a complete inventory of products from TDS Designs (manufacturer of the original "Sally" DRNDL dress, known throughout the square dance community, as well as the fantastic Chiffon skirts and tops known throughout the round and ballroom dance communities) and are able to supply your individual or dance club needs.  Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  Rhythm Creations Square Dance Shop: Offering custom designs and specialty clothing to square dancers.  Rhythm Creations has been in business for over twenty years providing custom-designed and specialty clothing to square dancers all over the country. All of their square dance clothes are designed and manufactured at their store in Houston Texas and they do their best to give you that "one of a kind" look wherever you go. The Million Dollar
and SteppinOut brand petticoats are exclusive to Rhythm Creations and give you a wide choice of petticoat styles from full traditional to prairie length.  Their outfits are made of fabrics and trims gathered from all over the world and styled in traditional square dance lengths as well as prairie lengths with that Rhythm Creations flair.  In addition to their beautiful 2 piece sets, they offer separates that coordinate for a finished look that is sure to get compliments.

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Terminology: In the United States, in general, people go to square dances and call it square dancing. In England, Ireland and Scotland, people go to all sorts of dances at which some of the dances will be square dances, but they don't say that they are "square dancing". The majority of dances at such events will be in the form of longways sets, sets of four (two couples with the men diagonally opposite each other, like the side couples in a square), three-couple or four-couple sets or circassian circles.

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