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Fashion merchandising and fashion marketing are often related to one on another.  However, they are different.  Product "marketing" drives people to the products and "merchandising" helps sell the product.  Merchandising examines fashion trends, help retailers properly stock & display fashion lines, and promote merchandise.

Fashion merchandising is the visual promotion of apparel and involves all of the tasks necessary to deliver the clothing requests and meet the needs of potential customers and designers.

Fashion merchandising involves the production of fashion designs and distribution of final products to the end consumer. Fashion merchandisers work with designers to ensure that designs will be affordable and desired by the target market.

Merchandising, within fashion retail, refers specifically to the stock planning, management, and control process.

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A career in fashion merchandising requires an intuition for fashion trends and also a shrewd understanding of business management.  Being stylish is only have the battle.  A fashion merchandiser needs to understand style, visual display, design, marketing, and more.

Fashion merchandising jobs

You can search for fashion marketing jobs at employment websites such as LinkedIn.

Before obtaining a fashion merchandising job, you should take courses on the subject at a fashion school.  Students in fashion merchandising learn how to manufacture, purchase, promote, and sell fashion items.  They learn about visual merchandising from clothing and jewelry to cosmetics. They also learn about textile fiber and fabrics which are used to make clothing.

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