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Launched at the turn of the millennium by Carole Hunter & Sandra Phillipson, London Edge is one of the longest serving fashion trade shows on the circuit. Dedicated to it's core market of creative & lifestyle orientated brands and apparel, the show is unlike any other in the world. Representing everyone from fresh young designers to established global brands, our community comes together with a common goal: to showcase the most exciting, edgy, ready to wear fashions on the planet. With lines blurred between music, fashion and the subcultures they create, the alternative landscape is shifting. With this is mind, LondonEdge has been reloaded.

The New Alternative defines a new perspective: a new era of subcultures, fashion trends and emerging markets, all forged in the fires of the underground and cultivated on the blogs and social networks of the world wide web. As underground & lifestyle fashion take centre stage once again, LondonEdge is the only global showcase for a new influx of amazing cutting-edge businesses - there's no better place to bring them all together than the most diverse and creative fashion trade show in the world.

THE LEDGE  is Londons' tradeshow for anyone involved in streetwear, skateboarding & action sport. The Ledge brings together a consortium of key brands within the Action Sports sector and showcases the strength and importance of each brand within todays market.

Renowned for bucking the trends, LondonEdge continues to be an order-writing show giving brands and designers a platform to showcase their wares to the people that matter. With a unique collection of exhibitors that evolves every season, LondonEdge lures buyers from all corners of the globe and is gaining momentum as it enters it's 16th year by embracing the next era of lifestyle led fashion: The New Alternative.

LondenEdge also has show in Berlin called BerlinEdge.  The 2014 BerlinEdge showcased over 50 collections at the lavish Adagio venue during Germany's Berlin's Fashion Week, and welcomed businesses from 16 different countries through it's doors. Although just a glimmer of the main LondonEdge events in London, BerlinEdge was every bit the success they had hoped.

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