LondonEdge Post Show Update February 2012
Fashion Event Article Posted February 28, 2012


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LondonEdge Fashion Show February 2012

From February 5th -7th 2012 London Olympia played host again to trade shows LondonEdge, LondonCentral and The Ledge.

Downstairs LondonEdge proved why it is the first, biggest and best show of its kind in the world, catering to a group of some of the most creative, exciting ‘niches' in fashion and accessories.

The rock n roll cool and kooky styles of its exhibitors were seen displayed throughout the floor. There was an air of excitement from those exhibiting for the first time and those who have been part of the show since the beginning.

This positive atmosphere and buzz was enhanced by the fashion show which proved as popular this time as in the past with a fantastic display of tartan and pvc from Phaze, tartan mini skirts and blazers from Dead Threads, cute sailor dresses from Hell Bunny, 50's floral dresses, a-line skirts and jumpsuits from Emmy, Pineapple dresses from Sourpuss and skeleton print t-shirts and dresses from Kreepsville. Also included in the show were Moda Peligrosa and Queen of Darkness.

Regular exhibitors joined forces, once again, with fresh new collections to share products and passions with the fashion industry.

A new exhibitor to LondonEdge to keep an eye on is Swedish punk and rocknroll brand Crime City Clothing. Inspired by everything from Art nouveau, to Clockwork Orange and Warriors, Roller Derby, Voodoo, wrestling, alternative music to riots in the street.

With a heavyweight client list including Lady GaGa, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, L.A Roxx specialises in leather work and joined the show for the first time this season from Hollywood Boulevard.

Within the vintage section a new brand exhibiting was lingerie brand Itsy Bitsy Vintage, specializing in individually handmade lingerie made from vintage fabrics sourced from all around the world. Each item is designed and made in London with no two items made the same.

This seasons UK attendance was 61% with 39% from overseas, spanning over 32 different countries. This is an overall attendance increase of an impressive 4% compared to the February 2011 show. Understandably perhaps, the impact of the Euro crisis resulted in a small decrease in overseas attendance.

This season's show also demonstrates an overall, UK and overseas attendance increase compared to the September 2011 shows.

The top international countries that attended this year were Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Holland with the highest USA and Australian attendance in some time.

There was also a strong Eastern European presence with attendees from Croatia, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

These figures reflect the shows as having a continued growth and despite the unscheduled snow and flight cancellations all shows show an overall increase in attendance compared to the February and September 2011 shows.

Despite going ahead for over a decade, LondonEdge and LondonCentral still continue to create an exciting and buzzing atmosphere and never disappoint with the eclectic mix of brands exhibiting. We are excited to see what is in store for September 2nd-4th 2012.

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