Below is for historical reference of what the main section of Apparel Search looked like in 2011.  The majority of links have now been removed.

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Apparel Search is an apparel industry directory providing members of the fashion industry with links to virtually every aspect of apparel, fashion, textiles, and clothing.  Apparel Search is an excellent resource for members of the clothing industry as well as consumers.

If you are not yet familiar with the Apparel Search Company, you are welcome to read more about us. For those of you that are too stylish or too tired to spend time reading the "about us" section, here is a brief description of who we are and what we do. The Apparel Search Company is a fashion media organization that utilizes several of it's wholly owned internet properties to assist both members of the apparel industry as well as consumers of fashion. Our websites help viewers research numerous fashion relevant topics. For example, we assist with locating clothing factories, fashion boutiques, fashion wholesalers, consulting services, trend services, modeling agencies, and much more. Although we do not currently publish glamorous magazines or create prime time television shows about fashion, we are technically a fashion media company. As such, we have been developing fashion portals (fashion websites) for more then a decade. By far, our largest and most significant work to date is the Apparel Search directory (the site you are currently visiting). We also manage the Fashion Industry Network which is one of the worlds leading industry specific business to business social networking sites. Our apparel media company also owns and operates the Fashion Newspaper website which can be viewed at

The Apparel Search directory has been designed specifically to assist members of the clothing industry learn about every known aspect relevant to fashion and textiles. This includes issues starting from the textile fiber all the way up the chain to the finished garment hanging in the worlds finest fashion boutiques. Our site will help guide you to resources that will assist you with fashion design, apparel manufacturing, wholesale clothing, as well as retailing. As a matter of fact, if you are interested, you can learn about the importing and exporting process including freight , customs clearance , and warehousing.

In addition to learning about fashion, clothing & textiles you will learn about each and every process involved in producing these items. In the Apparel Search directories manufacturer section you will have the opportunity to learn about fibers as well as locate clothing factories around the world. If you are searching for trimming you can find clothing components such as buttons, zippers, threads, woven labels and waistbands in the trim factory section. If you are a new designer and have more interest in printing on t-shirts or embroidering hats, we have a section for you as well.

Whether you are an experienced garmento or simply an aspiring fashion designer, the Apparel Search directory will provide you with the tools you need to be successful. Do you know what Jobbers are used for? Do you have closeout clothing inventory that you need out of your warehouse?  Are you eager to have a pattern maker, production agent, or merchandise manager that is worth their weight in gold? On this site you will hopefully find the resources to assist you.

 Here are a few of our favorites: 

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As you progress through our directory, you will discover that we also wish to give you an education in regard to consulting , licensing , fashion technology and more. If you enjoy the technology behind fashion, you may enjoy checking out some of the fashion tech directories full of suppliers that can assist you with PDM, PLM, CAD, SCM, EDI, ASN's etc. Some of our more fashionable categories include our trade shows directory, trend forecasting guide, hair stylist directory, modeling agency list and several other exciting classification.

Although we are a business to business resources, we do have a few sections that may assist consumers of clothing and fashion accessories. For example, you will find a clothing store section and our shopping area that is beneficial to both the garment industry as well as shoppers.  When utilizing our b2b directory, you will discover several ways to locate information. The primary method is to use the category structure that you will see after entering the site. We have segments of the industry categorized for your convenience. Modeling agencies, clothing wholesalers, apparel retailers, financial Information about clothing companies, fashion trade shows, and much more.  In addition to our fashion industry directory structure, we have a search function that will allow you to search all of the Apparel Search Company websites from one engine. In our opinion, Apparel Search is the best clothing industry b2b guide in the universe... If you enjoy fashion or are a member of the apparel industry, the Apparel Search guide to fashion is the stylish place for you to begin your search for the latest fashions. Please take your time to search the Apparel Search website. Have fun and get started finding information about apparel and the apparel industry. If you start getting lost, you can find link back to the home page from any page on our site. You can also try the Apparel Search Table of Contents if you think that may help guide you.

Now that you have read this page, you are welcome to enter Apparel Search.  We certainly hope that our website will help with your research.