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Submission to the Fashion Trend Forecast 2011 Essay Contest by Yogitha dated 2/14/11.

This essay won 1st Place.


There are plenty of trends for 2011 to be excited about. This time is all about experimenting and getting the look right! Here are few of the most important ones:

Back to 70's:

The 70's is back in fashion and is due for reinterpretations. From the 70's boho to the 70's sophisticated look, the whole trend is creating waves and is sure to stay for the entire year. It's about clean, voluminous yet bold silhouettes. High waisted leg pants, hats, jumpsuits, bow blouses, sweaters tucked in, all add to the 70's style. For a night out try some high sheen fabrics like silk for a 70's disco –inspired trend.  Long, elegant gowns with dress slits and draping are a part of the 70's look. Big statement belts worn over minis skirts or high waisted pants make an extra impact. For the ones who are daring hot pants are a must have. Team it with a pair of thigh high boots for a glamorous 70's look!


 One of the most daring fashion statements of 2011 is to mix and match the prints.  Geometric designs, textured patterns, embellished fabrics and checks are all the rage. It's not about wearing one printed piece and teaming it with a solid color [to play it safe]. The trend is about mixing and matching various prints together for a bold statement. Though it may sound a little tricky, to get the trend right, mix it with two or three prints that have the same hue. Opt for tailored and structured items that define your silhouette. The prints can however be different but the tones and hues can comprehend to bring in a smooth flowing silhouette. But do remember, this look needs to be experimented, if you get it wrong you may end up looking like one of the victims of fashion disaster.


This time it's all about bold colors. It's sure not surprising that the color palette is wide-ranging allowing a multitude of choices.  It includes bright colors like  scarlet red, canary yellow, beige,  deep maroon, vermillion, etc  Color palette varies from saturated tones of rose, plum, berry and rust to flashy shades of black and grey. Metallic shades, silver tints are all the rage. While white was definitely a trend during the 70's, it is now used in more intense ways. A bright color is teamed along for a bold look. However, fashion experts believe that bright red will be the dominating color this season and it will be present in the make-up trends as well.


Big is back. Opt for lots of jewelry but do keep it clean and presentable. It's about layers, so pile on those bangles and bracelets for a fun and uniquely ornate fashion statement. Long necklaces with strings of beads, chains of varying lengths, large rings, extended earrings that touch the shoulder etc can do the trick.  Junk accessories are definitely an option. Gold and silver tones on accessories are an ‘in' thing. Mixing gold, silver tones and a dash of color is the one of the hottest fashion trend of 2011 to create an edgy fashion statement. A complimentary hairstyle would be stacks of bouncy curls or a silky long bob. So try the look and bling in!


Layering was a major trend in 2010 and will be seen this year too! The trend will be easy silhouettes but a complex look that is achieved with layering. Again the key is to team it well to enhance your look for a visually appealing silhouette; otherwise it can make a person appear messy and bulky. The color and fabrics are some of the main things that should be considered for layering.

As we see 2011 is a year of bling and boldness. Stick to what works for you. It's all about variety. As mentioned, if you are a fashion victim then the key is to experiment and find what suits you!

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